Dealing with Worry – Your Elegant Solution at Last!

Dealing with Worry – Your Elegant Solution at Last!

Note: This Works. This is the longest of the newsletters to date because it is so important.

Manifesting is easy, essentially you think it and happens. Your thoughts build things – anything from objects to concepts. When you want to manifest more efficiently and powerfully, you offer gratefulness to each of your future visualizations. You’re offering gratitude to the God of your understanding and empowering your intention with love.

Worrying comes easy to us as well. Worries are thoughts and those thoughts can build the things that you don’t want in your life. Your worries are charged by the other great force in the universe, fear.

Thought is a law and thoughts create. Gravity is also a law and it doesn’t judge if your thoughts are “good or bad” creations. So it is with your thoughts. Dealing with worry is very hard for us. Let’s just call worry what it is: Fear.

A lot of people never begin to try manifesting because they fear failure. Often they will have a fear of something outside of their belief system. It’s all quite normal because we are wired to fear things. It is part of our survival programming and it alerts us to danger. But too many times in our daily lives we are confronting our paralyzing fears where others thrive and move forward.

Much is been written about how to deal with worry. For the most part, the suggestions point to somehow reducing the worry in your mind. Come on, can’t you just forget about it? It’s really not easy.

There’s not enough room to go into it here, but this book was incomplete without a real way to successfully deal with worry and fear. I have a large circle of friends and we were very successfully manifesting a great many things before this book was published. Then some of us, myself included, came right up against some very big worries.

Like everything else in this book, the answer was given to me, in this case at a time of real stress. This is what I learned and it is our gift.

When you have a big worry you can feel the fear under your skin. If you can feel it, then you are building that thought. Do you need some incentive? We can’t afford to make these worries come true.

The solution is elegant and empowering. We need to offload this fear quickly, so convert that fear to a calendar item. As an example, imagine your worrying in the middle of the night about paying your bills. You can manifesting an outcome where can’t pay your bills. Even though it’s 3 AM, there is something you can do. Make a mental note, Grab a piece of paper or your smart phone and make a calendar entry. You’re going to take action on this worry and make calendar entires that go something like this:

9 AM  I’m going to call some people that owe me money. Would it be enough? Not likely. If they had the money they would likely pay you without asking. But the point here is that you’re taking action regarding your lack of money.

10 AM  When my calendar pings at 10 AM I’m going to man up and call my boss to make an appointment. I’m going to talk to him about how I can be of more benefit to the company and receive a justifiable raise.

12 PM  Over lunch I’m going to consider other jobs or careers. I’m going to focus on some business mentors I’ve had in the past and think about who could best help me in my career now. I’ll seek out their good advice and possible networking opportunities.

You get the idea. Take that worry and mark it on the  calendar for action at an appropriate time, not in the middle the night. Your calendar could care less about what you enter there. You can use your phone to enter the End of the World is going to happen at 5:45 on Thursday and your smart phone doesn’t care a whit.

You are doing all you can do. You are dealing with your life as it is, taking action on your concerns (I didn’t say worry) and on top of all that, you are going to your future in gratitude to manifest your perfect outcomes. It’s all you can do and more. Well, there is the bonus in the book. It’s all about more gratitude.

Congratulations, you’ve taken action on this worry. You’re going to call the boss, or make that appointment with the doctor for that achy elbow. You’re not going to sit around and worry. You’ve offloaded this fear onto your calendar and you have greatly diminished your worry. In the case of many, their worries are downgraded to concerns. They don’t feel that fear crawling around inside them and therefore they’re not manifesting a bad outcome.

So if you need that new car, manifest to have a new one in your wonderful future. As for now, take action and start researching the cars you desire. Put it on your calendar to look online or visit dealerships. Don’t just sit and worry, fearing your car will break down and jeopardize your income.

You now have the tools you need to create the things you wish and not what you fear. Some of us get this right away others need more time. It was about a month for me and many of my friends, but when the stories and solutions started to accumulate, we just went with it. I’m not going to label this as a function of faith or trust because very few of us get an A+ in either of those concepts. Just be good to yourself and find ways to take action against the fears. Most of those calendar items are fairly simple but occasionally it takes a little creativity.

What is really happening is that you are working in the real world to manifest a solution. Your fear is reduced and now you’re not at cross-purposes with what you are also manifesting in your future.

Sometimes when I’m driving I’ll get a phone call with a problem. I’ll hang up the phone and look at it smiling and then I’ll say, “Tomorrow in my Movie you don’t exist!” Then I’ll note it on my calendar for action. I won’t worry myself sick until then.

This is the number 2 manifesting 123. Together they are the keys to the kingdom and they are your birthright.
It’s my honor to give you a gentle reminder.


P.S.  About cars. A couple manifested two cars that were badly needed. More in the next newsletter this Friday.


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