Don’t Just Wish, CREATE Your Dreams!

Don’t Just Wish, CREATE Your Dreams!

By request, I’m passing on this great story from two years ago. She overcame much. Thank you Sharon!

Sharon writes:

In March 2013 I found out I had cancer and went to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix for treatment. It was a major surgery, but thankfully, they got the cancer in time and I did not need chemo or radiation. The entire deal was very serious mentally and physically and I was wiped out.

After the surgery, I arrived home to bad news. The guest cottage I’d rented for 13 years in St. Helena was no longer available. I was told that I had 60 days to move. The cottage is in the Napa Valley and affordable rentals there are incredibly hard to find.

I spoke with Ken and he shared with me his recommendations using Manifesting 123. I put it right to work, visualizing the solution in my future.

Luckily I had a friend who let me rent her late mother’s furnished house in Napa while I continued to search, literally eight hours a day. During the time I was technically homeless, a big motivator! I had limited time at this temporary rental so I had to really focus. I was taking care of myself and as the books says, I was taking action on my fears, by looking for rentals and doing the manifesting techniques every day. I also have a meditation routine that I kept to. It kept my mind in check and gave me a sense of control and peace.

After two months of looking, I put a deposit on an apartment in a large complex in Napa that was dark, old and expensive. It was not what I was looking for but it was all that was available in the area. At least I had secured a place to live.

I continued to use what I had learned about manifesting, visualizing a number of things I desired, including my perfect home. I was not giving up on that!

Soon after, I was driving around the neighborhood and came upon a new complex in St. Helena that was not yet opened. Their certificate of occupancy was stuck in the local bureaucracy and they couldn’t give me any hope of when they would open for rentals. Durn!

Then the big break came. Days later I drove by that new complex and to my surprise, the manager was on site with good news. They had just been given the green light to rent the apartments. I was the first one in! Can you believe that? What are the odds of getting the apartment and being first?

It has turned out to be a dream come true. Finally, I have a home with lots of light, a separate office/studio, kitchen, garage, all appliances and everything is brand new. New is PERFECT!

This is so much better than the guest house that I had been in for all of those years. I have created better things than I previously settled for and there is no stopping now. What’s the next big thing? I like the idea of my perfect career.

Dreams can come true! Oh yes, and I am soooo very grateful!


…and she is just getting started.

Sharon is a good friend and I’m am so relieved that she got through her serious illness and is in good health!

Just after recovering from a serious bout with cancer, she was dealt another blow. Health and home are basic to everyone and after working to regain her health, she found herself working hard to find a new place to live. But Sharon didn’t struggle, she worked smart. Using Manifesting123, she envisioned the perfect home in her future. Then she converted her fears to actions items, offloading that negative energy to a schedule of apartment hunting throughout the week.

She was new to this, without any special training or skills but Sharon got great results and was the first in line to achieve her dream.

Don’t settle, go to the front of the line yourself!
You are most worthy.

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