Manifesting on the Quick…and with a View!

Manifesting on the Quick…and with a View!

Manifesting is not always a waiting game. Sometimes events fall into place quickly. In Lynn’s story she quickly moved on a hunch and it turned out to be the best, quickest move to the solution she required. Not only did she beat the odds, but everything came together very efficiently. Congratulations!

I love my apartment. I have been here for some time now and it is very comfortable, but things change. The owner I rent from told me she wanted to move back into the this apartment, so I quickly needed a new place.

Having read Manifesting 1,2,3, I knew what to do. I went to work on what I required for my new home, imagining it in my future. There would be hardwood floors, less expensive than what I was currently paying, in a very beautiful area of town and my new home would overlook the ocean.

There is a shortage of good rentals right now and I had set the bar pretty high. Thinking about my options, I felt guided to call the property manager in the building here.  Surprisingly, she said that a beautiful place just became available.

I immediately drove to see it and it was perfect! It was facing the ocean and very bright inside with lots of windows. Also the rent is $300 less than what I’m paying now. It was just what I was asking for and apparently, it was just waiting for me that day! That was some fast manifesting!

So I get to say it again, “I love my apartment!”



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