Asking, Manifesting…They Work!

Asking, Manifesting…They Work!

Laura asked for guidance and it immediately came in a way that ‘sang’ to her. It is also possible that in the asking, she received another gift, the secret of creation itself.

Laura writes:
I believe I manifested something a couple of months before I learned what manifesting was. I had been struggling with a close relationship off and on and I was in a place where my mind was telling me to leave it behind…to get a divorce.  My heart wasn’t so sure.

I DID know that this poisonous pattern was too much for me to bear. I was looking for strength, direction…..answers. I was really stuck, afraid that staying was wrong and that leaving was wrong.

Driving home with groceries that needed to be refrigerated, I decided to pull over anyway, motor running, at my favorite place to view the sky, clouds, mountains and stubbornly sat there until I had an answer. I was so deep in my request (plea really) for guidance, I only started to hear the loud radio when I reached to turn off the ignition. The music was way up to drown out my relentless thoughts.

As I was asking for help to decide whether to take the big step of divorce, I heard: “Take it to the limit, one more time.” It was the Eagles playing (whom I love). My plea for guidance was repeated and each time, I heard The Eagles repeat those words.

I reflected: “But I really am at my limit,” as the song repeated again: “TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT one more time.” In a bit of denial I thought: “I can’t keep doing this” and the song repeated: “…take it to the limit ONE MORE TIME.”

From that moment on, I knew the continued repetitive confirmations were there for me, again and again for as many times as I needed it.
If ever I asked for help and looked for answers, I felt THIS WAS IT….THE MOST DIRECT AND DECISIVE RESPONSE I  COULD EVER HOPE FOR. As my father always said, “God will give you what you need when you need it.”

A couple of days later a friend got me interested in manifestation and it really got me to thinking about the possibilities. Being in that place made me think of a magic shop I like to go to, but it is often closed. As a result, I goggled for a different one and it brought up “metaphysical” shops, a term I was unfamiliar with. I clicked on the metaphysical bookstore, Full Moon Books in Denver and as it happens, they were sponsoring your Manifesting workshop.

I was very intrigued and signed up for the workshop. I considered manifesting as something like ‘long term wishing’ before your seminar. Now I see more of the missing link to what I have been doing. I will continue to ask for guidance of course, and happily, I now have the tools to create more good things for myself.

It is just amazing that in a very short time, my curiosity about manifesting lead me to your insightful and eye opening workshop.
I’m very happy the magic shop was closed that day.

Thank you for being a messenger!

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