Manifesting a Flight Before the Hurricane

Manifesting a Flight Before the Hurricane

If manifesting can create anything…. and it can, why not use it for everything?

Olivia writes,
There is a big difference between observing the hurricane coverage from a safe place and watching it come directly to your position. I was visiting friends on the lower east coast and had planned a couple more days there before flying back west to my home.

The media coverage of Hurricane Harvey revealed that it was heading my way. This was a major event, creating a lot of damage and misery. It was also closing a lot of airports as it moved northward and mine might be next. It was important for me to avoid being stranded and missing work back home.

A number of other air travelers were coming to the same conclusion and they were quickly booking all the outbound flights. After a lot of time on the computer that evening, I tried to book a way out but I couldn’t get a reservation. It looked like I would be stuck. I called it a night but before sleeping, I went to work on manifesting a perfect solution.

I told myself that there would be a seat for me on the flight home early tomorrow and visualized it happening. Here is the interesting part. I had a dream about exactly that. I was on a plane, leaving for home without a hitch.

Once I woke, I began packing and headed to the airport to catch that early flight. Once I got to the airport I went straight to the ticket counter and inquired about the next flight.

I was told that my preferred flight, the earliest one was totally booked, but she printed out a standby ticket for me and I went to the gate. The airport was full of people with their regular travel and many more of us getting out of Dodge. Any later flights that day were dicey because the weather was moving in and with it, the possibility of an airport closure.

There was nothing else to do now but to wait at my departure gate and watch everyone get on the plane. No one called my name and after what seemed like an eternity, everyone was on board. I held on to the fact that I was manifesting a result and I had clearly dreamed that I made this flight.

A flight attendant came out of the gate, walked over to the podium and talked to the gate agent. Then I heard my name called and as I walked up, the ticket agent held out my boarding pass.

I got a seat! As we took off, my feelings were one of gratefulness, happiness and a feeling of accomplishment. My visit was cut short but I was guaranteed not not miss any work when I arrived back home.

Manifesting is a big part of my life and with confirmations like this, I clearly understand what a great tool it is!

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