Manifesting Tour: Eye Out for the Pink Elephants!

Manifesting Tour: Eye Out for the Pink Elephants!

You have to love it when something gets ‘proofed out.’

Here’s a stunning example what your thoughts do. I’ve expanded this newsletter with more information / links from past newsletters to bring it all together for you.
Get ready!


From Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3, page 109:

“What’s the best method for envisioning a Movie? To prepare for my Movie, I choose a time when I’m sitting up. The chances are far greater that I’m alert and awake. I find when I’m doing the Movie laying down I will often go to sleep because we are trained to do that. I prefer to recline, but only do so if I’m not tired.”

“Either way, I’m just as normal as anyone else. My mind wanders and pink elephants appear in my thoughts. I’m not at all concerned if my thinking veers off to another subject during my Movie.”

“I don’t sit down every day and repeat a vision of pink elephants. Without the repetition and intention, I won’t have any elephants in my future.”

The idea of the pink elephants is a device I have retold numerous times and it is a good visual. Just this week I was in a conversation with someone from out of town, Grace, and the subject of manifesting came up. Turns out, she is very familiar with the idea and practices manifesting daily.

Grace told me she is very clear on the concept because she has been able to travel to the other side on many occasions while fully conscious. It’s called out-of-body or astral travel. One of the best authorities on the sublet is the author William Buhlman. We are close friends and during one of our conversations, he told me that when he was “over there,” he could watch his thoughts take form. It was a profound conversation that started me on the journey to write this book and pass this knowledge onto you.

So back to Grace, I asked her about some of her experiences when she was out of body. One of the first experiences she mentioned was a time when she was in an empty room. For whatever the reason, and lacking any other stimulation, she had the thought of a pink elephant. It is one of those arc typical images like counting sheep, no big deal. Well, when you are in a non-physical realm as Grace was in, your thoughts take form very quickly. In a wink, Grace was suddenly looking at a pretty large pink elephant! It had instantly appeared because she had casually thought of one.

And here it goes… as we like to say, “Don’t think about the pink elephant,” right? Good luck with that. Grace couldn’t stop thinking about the pink elephant and guess what? More elephants were instantly taking form. Elephants are BIG and they were beginning to take up all the space in the room!! Grace was forced to change her thinking and do it fast! She began thinking of a different locale and instantly, she was in another place. She focused only on what she was seeing and escaped the cascading elephants.

Seconds later, she was back in her physical body, safe in her bed, laughing. In fact she laughed about that experience for the rest of the day. She was almost trampled by her thoughts. Whew!

In the physical world, our thoughts create form and concepts without judgment. Thoughts take longer to manifest in our physical space but nonetheless, they create cars and happiness, lack and fearful outcomes, time to relax or chaos. Anything you are repetitively thinking is taking form right now and if you add the emotion of love or fear to a thought it creates more powerfully and efficiently. More on the topic here

Here is an expanded explanation on how your thoughts actually create form and concepts. This is the REAL secret to creation.

Grace is finished with the pink elephants but the lesson is one that she will never forget. She is aware of what she is thinking and careful with her words. She has literally watched her thoughts take form right in front of her. Do you have some thoughts you would like to corral and others you want to put to work? Start now!

Thank you, Grace for the dramatic story!!!

There are over 200 stories on the Manifesting 123 website. Other readers are writing in with their very encouraging success stories, all search able by keywords. Get the book, learn what they are doing, then get going! Once you know how manifesting actually works, it’s not likely you will let it go!

Go to the Interviews page to see and hear Ken talking about Manifesting 123. There is new information here and you won’t hear it anywhere else. It is so simple. Make it work for you!

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