Pure Power: Your Thoughts + Gratitude

Pure Power: Your Thoughts + Gratitude

From Ken:

It was about 20 years ago when I first started to intentionally manifest things. I was sending objects in thought to a very gifted woman, Judy Goodman. Judy would see these simple and complicated objects appear in her home 2,100 miles away. It always amazed me that she not only could use her giftedness to see what I had sent, but that she got it EVERY time. I also sent something in thought to Patti Conklin, another very gifted person and dear friend. The results were the same: Patti got what I was sending as well. In each case, they would see the objects on the ‘other side,’ not in the physical world.

Your thoughts build from a vapor to a solid on the other side and my friends could see the process. Further, Judy could see my ‘wish list’ arrayed on the other side in various stages of formation. Your thoughts begin to create instantly. It is a natural Law just like gravity. Your thoughts build what you are thinking and gravity pulls everything to the ground.

Your thoughts build anything and they are constantlly doing so. This is not the wishing, waiting and hoping game. Thought is a natural law that builds what you think and it will happen every time. There is also prayer. A thought, yes and also something different that is far beyond my speculation here.

To send these objects to Judy using my thought, I concentrated very hard on the object I wanted to send. I was terrible at concentrating this way, but I got the positive result every time. Without any special skills, talents, or techniques I sent the object I imagined much like a kid would do. I was successful, but it was difficult to concentrate that way to get a result.

Months earlier, Judy told me how to use thought much more efficiently but I had forgotten the method. Turns out, it was incredibly easy.

Combine what you are manifesting with gratefulness.

It’s all detailed in the book and quickly explained in the free radio interviews (info below) … too much to cover here. The point I want to pass on today is the how powerful gratefulness is when you are manifesting

Instead of concentrating hard on mainfesting your new career, do this instead. Visualize your perfect career in your future, your ‘Movie.” Yes, your thoughts can form a future result, so go there to create. Next, instead of trying to force the idea into existence with sheer will, just imagine your perfect future scene and then say, “I’m so grateful.”

This acknowledgment of thankfulness is very powerful and more efficient than my earlier attempts with intense concentration. With each desire or ‘scene’ in your ‘Movie,’ express your gratefulness at the happy result you are envisioning in your future.

Grateful to who? May I offer, be grateful to the God of your understanding.
It is the Whoever or Whatever designed the system that embowers your thoughts.

Manifesting is not for just getting things, it is an opportunity to be thankful for what you have and grateful that which makes it possible. It seems that we are boundless creators accessing a system of infinite potential. Perhaps it just evolved or the system was produced by an Architect of great vision.

So view the successful result in your future and feel the happiness for each outcome you imagine there. Then be grateful to the God of your understanding. Give credit to where the credit is due. Gratitude is the positive force that exponentially charges the thought you use for manifesting. When  you express gratitude for your future thoughts, you are in turn gifted more creative power. Who thought that up? Nice design!

Think it and add gratitude. It’s a piece of cake.
You are empowered to create anything. It is your birthright. You don’t have to think to breathe – you just know. You thoughts build things – they just do.

Your thoughts have been creating things all your life. Now you know how your thoughts can create anything. Keep creating and be smart – build your lovely future and don’t use gratefulness to just make things. Be grateful for what your are allowed to imagine and create. You are using love / gratefulness to build anything.

Imagine that!

PS.  Your fears build too, but there is an elegant solution. It’s the #2 of Manifesting 1, 2, 3. Let’s talk.


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