Can I Manifest the Necessary Raise?

Can I Manifest the Necessary Raise?

This is not the first time Angeline and her daughters have sent in manifesting stories for this newsletter. They get results by using all the available tools: prayer, vision boards (see below) and Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3. They don’t hold back and neither should we. This all happened in two months. How inspiring!

Thank you, Angeline.
Angeline writes:

My current salary is under $30,000. For years I have been doing a very good job for my employers, living frugally with my two daughters.  All of us have been walking or taking a bus to school and work for years. My work space up to this point was very small, a bit like a closet with a small door. shared with another co-worker, and windowless.

I decided to  pray and manifest and a better income for the kids and myself. So I took your advice about searching for a job. I went all in to pray and manifest a better job and pay. Then I stopped hunting for work and instead, I just posted my resume on the internet job sites and put the word out to a few people. This was not my first job search and I have done well in the past, but this time I am manifesting that the new job and much better pay will come to me in some way.

I am aiming very high and manifesting a salary of $50 – $53,000.  I love those words and I totally welcome the higher salary because I know I am worthy of it and more. I made up my mind that I will not accept any lower, otherwise I will sit it out until an offer hits my goal.

Also, I stopped seeking a job from a place of desperation and boy, the flood gates opened, Suddenly I was picking and choosing from the offers coming in, deciding which jobs I want to interview with. What a turnaround! Apparently I am now in demand because a number of companies are suddenly contacting me for interviews.

Two businesses got my attention. One of the companies got my number because someone in a very high position raved about my awesomeness. – a nice recommendation. For these two interviews I am planning on requesting the $50,000 yearly salary.

The first interview went very well and I received a very good offer, but short of what I have been working toward.

Sometimes I’m in awe of my faith, what prayer can do and the many things I have specifically manifested in the past. I feel deserving of the higher salary for my girls and me and after going over everything in my mind, and I readied myself for interview #2.

This second interview also went well but the salary came in $14000 below my goal. After hanging up, I took a deep breath and said,” Universe I strongly believe you have my back and with that I will wait until I receive my fair share of the harvest. I know the number I’m asking for might seem outrageous and far fetched, but that is my story and I’m sticking to it.” I followed up by telling the Universe, God, my angels and all those helping me in spirit, “Thank you” for carrying me this far. There would be a call back to further negotiate my salary and I was hoping it would be soon.

The next morning it was off to work and I used the time to be in gratitude. I thanked the pavement as I walked to my present job, thanked the over-grown shrubs, thanked the sun, and thanked the 2 ladies in accounting in that tried to make my work life a misery. I took a deep breath, smiled, and turned up the music in my earphones as I continued my walk to work. I felt good and went to work without obsessing over the process.
Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long. This company had first offered $36,000 and I turned it down. Early that day I receive a text and was asked if I could call the decision maker and set up a meeting to discuss what I wanted.

I opened the meeting explaining that I had a previous offer in the high $40s. I’m in a good place but I have put in a good and solid effort to manifest more.

Long story short, I accepted $43,000, plus a monthly bonus and he will pay off my remaining car training courses. (I am not in the US and for me to get a driver’s license, I have to take car courses first.)

Further, in 6 months my pay goes to the mid $50s with a promotion to assistant manager. It gets even better, because in a year my salary will go to $60,000!!! So I just finished signing the contract and contacted you with my story.

And there is a bit more..
I accepted this job without seeing the building. When I went to work on my first day, the office was larger, but without windows. Guess what? A few hours into my first day the owner told me he is renovating and the entire front wall. It will be ripped down and replaced with glass. I will be getting much more than a single window view. In two months, using the prayers and manifestng tools I’ve learned, everything on my vision board came true but better!!

Oh my, a million thank yous!


Here is the photo of a “future board” I made for myself 2 months ago. I also use the ‘I’m in my future technique’ from your book.


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