Moved to Manifest Quickly!

Moved to Manifest Quickly!

My dream came true… I moved into a casita in Santa Fe, NM. The land of enchantment, big blue skies, striking landscape and culture. I was in heaven! Everything was perfect until four months later when everything changed.

The owner of the casita gave me notice that he wanted to take back the space I was renting and repurpose it to an art studio. I was crushed and suddenly without a place to live… not enchanting.

Now I had to come up with something fast. I had just moved in, a real effort and the move would have to be repeated again. At least I had a lot of things in storage, so those items could just stay there. That got me to thinking. The casita was really good to a point, but ideally a bigger place would be even better, what I really needed. How could I afford something larger? I was just getting by financially, renting the small casita.

A plan was made. First, I would manifest my next home. I now had more clarity and realized that the casita was only perfect at the time. Going forward, more space would be much better. Second, the financials had to work.

I had been in limited thinking, assuming the small space was all I could manifest, but no longer. I took advantage of a great asset in my neighborhood – an online community that functioned like a local want-ad and sales venue. It was free to post anything so I announced that I was looking for a place to rent.

An answer came back quickly, “Can you afford a house?” I was surprised at the unusual response. My wheels were turning. I was moving out of limited thinking, I told myself, and here is this much larger opportunity. Was I ready? Could I do this?

I called him back and said yes. The house was beautiful and all of my things would fit. I could live there on my own, unlike the former casita that was close by the main house, putting limits on my privacy.

This was a serious decision because the new rent would be double the casita. I committed to the bigger house and moved in, including the rest of my things that had been in storage for 2 years.

In sync with my move a wonderful thing happened. In just under three weeks, my income quickly increased, almost double, and my higher rental fee was quickly covered. My business income continues to improve, making my decision look like a smart and practical idea.

I looked back and thought about how this all came about. While I was still living in the casita, I decided to be more flexible in my thinking – what was possible. Shortly after, I was gifted a personal session with Judy Goodman. Judy is one of the main teachers in Ken’s book. It was a day of clarity and possibilities.

I learned that I had been on the right track by being more flexible in my thinking. Judy also suggested the idea of clearly specifying my desires and going into a gentle surrender. The entire idea is to move to a place of our best and highest good without using too much detail or control of the timing.

Looking back it, seemed like a jump off a high dive to move into the larger home, but now all is well and comfortable. I was moved out of a place that was just OK for me and was presented the opportunity and information to manifest something far better for myself. I said yes.

Thank you!


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  1. Good art life data here. Ken Elliott makes solid art.

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