Living in Gratefulness and Gratitude as a Tool

Living in Gratefulness and Gratitude as a Tool

What is the feeling you get when someone thanks you? I remember being thanked so deeply that my sincerest, “You’re welcome,” did not equal what I was given. I felt that heartfelt thanks, their words of gratitude.

In the book, Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3, gratitude is shown to be a very important tool for increasing the power of your thoughts. With the simple addition of gratitude you can manifest more powerfully and efficiently. When you engage one of the two great powers in the Universe, Love or Fear with your thoughts, you have engaged creation itself.

Your positive or negative thoughts are creating right now so here is some great information from a previous newsletter, the how-to of gratitude.
Why the Gratefulness?

Gratitude is a true power and we can feel its effects when it is focused on us. It’s also true that your use of gratitude can be felt by others and like any good tool, it can be used to effect changes, large and small.

About those Grateful Things:
I still remember the time Judy Goodman made this statement in her workshop, “Every day, think of 7 Grateful Things.” Judy can directly see how gratitude changes the energetic field around us in a favorable way, so she highly recommends the practice.

The first time she mentioned this, I thought it was a nice piece of advice. Now I understand how fundamental it is on so many levels, so much so that I made it a section in the book, thank you Judy!

Here are just some of the things that gratitude can do:

  • Internally, it makes you more aware.
  • Being grateful has a side effect of making you happier.
  • People can see that you are grateful and it is happily infectious.
  • Gratitude may not make you stronger, but it is a big tool for dealing with problems.
  • You will see how much of the world divides into Love or Fear. Where do you want to be?

Please remember that when you are adding either gratitude or worry / love or fear to your repetitive thoughts, your idea begins to take form mor powerfully and efficiently.

Thanksgiving is a beautiful reminder to be grateful and join hands and hearts together in calm and love.

I am grateful for you this holiday season and always,

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