My Miraculous Healing and More

My Miraculous Healing and More

Susan is someone that is very familiar with the power of prayers, thought and manifesting. She never dreamed she would find herself in this troubled spot, but she never gave up. Things got so bad, so low that it would take a miracle to bring her life back together. Here is her story. Thank you Susan. I know it was difficult to relive this.

The last three newsletters have shared a common theme – surrender. That is, set your goals with prayer and manifesting, then go back to work, take time for yourself and treat yourself as well. Repeat. Just know that if is very likely that the timing is out of your control. That is OK. Better things are being put together. Surrender. View the previous newsletters:  #1   #2

Susan writes:
The trauma was a betrayal and abandonment that tore open every scar of a difficult past and shattered me to the core of my Being. I had not only lost my home, my work, and a dream coming true, but I’d lost my entire family, and some of my most trusted friends, too. There was nothing left. I was grieving deeply, feeling completely alone and incredibly vulnerable.

I managed to step into my power long enough to move to a new state to start a new life. Though my new apartment was not affordable in the long-term and I had much to do to begin anew, my attention had to turn to sudden, severe physical illness which then lead to frequent ambulance rides to the emergency room. Though I had sought grief therapy and medical attention, I found no relief, and soon became bedridden—physically unable to care for myself. In addition to increasingly severe physical illness and with no friends in my new town, PTSD surfaced, and grief transformed into severe clinical depression and anxiety.

Without love, despair and thoughts of suicide overwhelmed my wisdom and strength. Suddenly, nothing mattered. I would not be here now had it not been for the loving support of one beloved Earth-Angel (who knows who he is).

I prayed for help and constantly realigned with the truth of who I AM (as a powerful spiritual Being), but in extreme physical, emotional and mental pain, I could not hold to the truth of my well-being on my own.*

Still… I wondered why I suddenly found myself alone. I was completely physically incapacitated, vomiting, hallucinating, and hurting from head to toe. My body went into shock and I slipped in and out of consciousness. I could no longer eat and I no longer needed to use the bathroom. I began to have more difficulty breathing. If things didn’t change, it seemed that I was going to die alone.

It was then that I let go. With no answers from doctors, and no ability to help myself any further, I accepted the possibility of my own impending death. It was not resignation, but a release of struggle that gave me calm and peace. I re-membered Love, and forgiveness borne of compassion began to heal my heart. As I laid there, day by day, gratitude moved back in.

Suddenly, needs turned into reality. Somehow I’d found a few very supportive friends. An affordable apartment in a preferred area became available to me. Without asking anyone, I had all the help I needed to move to the new apartment. My estranged daughter called me with loving messages. I was able to sit up and keep food down. And then, a doctor I knew (who has been retired for 3 years), contacted me to say that he was flying in just for the day to treat my condition. He had been able to diagnose it when other specialists couldn’t. Though I was still in bed most of the day and night, I was stunned by the blessings coming my way. In the dark night of my soul, a light of hope began to twinkle.

After the doctor arrived, it took just 90 minutes of energy medicine to effect remarkable changes in my body and mind. It turns out that I had a severe viral infection in my brain and vagus nerve which had also compromised multiple systems. My body was shutting down. I laid on the doctor’s table, completely surrendered to the Light of Love and open to possibility.

A third person was present to document the treatment and witness the emotions, physical sensations/pains, blisters, welts, and other marks on my body which simultaneously appeared and then disappearing within minutes. I was having the spontaneous healing I’d only heard about!  After 3 days, I found that I could function in a real way and after one follow-up treatment, I am already recovering my health and vitality.

Yes, that’s a miracle.

I should add that new tests show astounding improvement in my previous physical conditions which were documented in 6-months of hospital and physician records. I’m on my way back… and the doctors are dumbfounded!

Thought is the creation and emotion is the fuel that drives it into being. We can manifest anything we need or want—at once—whether it is on the level of the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. We must watch to recognize the gift when it comes, because it doesn’t always show up how we think it will. Our new love might not have blue eyes and that car might not be red—and what we really require may already be under our nose.

Letting go in faith means releasing appearances or conditions. It means releasing attachment to an outcome knowing that the best of our imaginings or possibly something even better is coming. All we have to do is focus on the “what”, and leave the “how” up to All That Is.

Miracles happen. They do. Gratitude is the key to the alignment that puts us in a state of allowing and receiving those miracles.

Here’s to YOUR miracle!
Thank you Ken, for being the Messenger.
Many Blessings!


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  1. Thanks for sharing that is indeed a miracle.

    I wish you continous health and infinite blessing in your body and life.

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