A Tragic Diagnosis, Then Taking Action with Intent and Forgiveness

A Tragic Diagnosis, Then Taking Action with Intent and Forgiveness

Here’s an amazing story that just came in. It’s a holiday gift to us from two close friends, Anjali and Angelica. This story is full of insights like the power of forgiveness and I particularly like friends helping friends here. Anything is possible when we are purposely manifesting.

Happy Holidays to you!


Anjali writes:
1 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer. That was serious news and a difficult thing to hear along with all the other misfortunes and sorrows I was dealing with. I felt doomed but you keep walking through the days, one after the other. I have a daughter and grandchild and they give me much to live and hope for but my diagnosis was a big burden.

I work part time and in the last three months I was getting fewer hours, creating financial difficulties. Then more bad news, I had to put down my beloved pet. That is a lot of anguish, loss and grief in a very short time.

I have a wonderful friend, Angelica, and she took it upon herself to try and turn this around. I was in a very negative place and why not? Negativity is not Angelica’s world however, and she began to discuss the possibilities of getting through my cancer successfully and getting my life back. She is a big fan of Manifesting 123 and you don’t need #3 so she sent me a copy.

There are now two angels on the job, Angelica and me – my nickname is Anjali. My dear friend continued bringing me encouraging ideas and strategies for healing. She gave me a CD that I would listen to as I was going to sleep and it provided me with a subliminal message that I was getting better.

A little over a month ago Angelica called me and told me about a dream she just had. She saw me in my bedroom lying on my bed with a spirit version of myself standing and facing me at the end of the bed. Angelica heard me ask my spirit, “Why this was happening to me?” The spirit version of me answered back and said, “All of the prayers that people are sending you, you are giving away.” Angelica told me that my spirit was surrounded in a white light and that my spirit told Angelica, “Her body and spirit are not one.”

Angelica and I had a big discussion about that. It came out that I had been punishing myself over someone that hurt me many years ago. It was an aggressive, physical act that wasn’t my fault but it scarred me deeply. I had been carrying this around and it was limiting me in more ways than I fully understood.

Angelica recommended I forgive everything in my life, every slight and myself. She went on to say that I should make a point to love myself, body and soul, and to begin a process of healing. This was new thinking for me but I agreed since I had bottomed out. I was in an awful place, so I reached out with the hope that healing was coming my way. Angelica’s dream and the messages rang true to me. I made the adjustments gratefully, saying my prayers and opening myself up to accept help and my cure.

Angelica and I were talking on the phone on fday and I suddenly I got angry about my condition. That’s the first time I felt anger about this, but it didn’t shock my friend. She said to let it out, so I did with a big rant and some tears. I made quite the scene but I’m glad it was a private conversation with only Angelica as a witness. I had reached a turning point of some kind and discovered that I might be mad, but I was not helpless.

With Angelica’s instructions, I began to visualize that I would be well. I started meditating and I told myself this is going to work. Angela was very motivated to help me. She had read the stories in the Manifesting 1,2,3 newsletter and had a number of her own stories published there. She kept assuring me that all things are possible.

I really began to focus on the forgiveness and self-love. That was my new mission.

For her part, Angelica was manifesting a future phone call from me where I was giving her really good news. It was encouraging to be getting help from someone that is really good at making things happen.

About six weeks ago I had a scheduled doctor visit to monitor my status. I was told that I now had internal bleeding, very bad news. On the positive side, the doctor told me about a new medication she would put me on and that it would work. I started the medication right away and begin to experience some really awful and physically draining side effects, but I told myself that this shows the medicine is working.

One month later here’s what I told Angelica on the phone. “The doctors give me a test to determine the amount of cancer that was presently in my body and the test came out clear. There is no sign of cancer, not even an infection and I feel perfectly well.” It was an amazing outcome!!!

The doctors want to continue with my chemotherapy for a time and I tell myself that these chemo sessions are like going to the spa. It is exactly the spa I need and it is part of my continuing happiness. I have a new and positive way of looking at all kinds of things and it has made me healthier and happier.

Thank you Angelica for your help, wisdom and commitment to me. In a very short you helped me to create my remarkable miracle.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas everyone!
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