First, Eliminate What You DON’T Want in 2018

First, Eliminate What You DON’T Want in 2018

I’m all about New Year’s resolutions and the positive mindset it creates. It’s a bit like redecorating the living room, where new furniture, carpets and artworks will be brought in to create a terrific new look. But before bringing in all that is new, we should first consider what should be removed.

This is the last newsletter of 2017 and it’s a perfect time to consider what you will NOT have in your life in 2018. For that living room, it makes perfect sense to toss out all the things you no longer want to live with and vacuum the space before placing the new items. Why have that new sofa crowded in with the old one? Ditto for putting the new area rug on top of the crummy, worn one.

Imagine what it would be like without those negative things in your life. Your thoughts really can create anything, so why not step up and have a housecleaning?

Here’s a helpful list of possible items for removal:
Personal issues
Negative habits
Negative people
Low self-esteem
Financial concerns
Fear in any form

We have been carrying some of these items for a lifetime. Others are new, but seemingly impossible to free ourselves from. Regardless, your thoughts can create the solutions you desire and it is very simple to make it happen.

Do you have to Really Believe? No.
Are special skills required? None.

Just sit comfortably, relax and imagine you are in your future. This future time is not specified but you are OK with it. Feel the chair you are in, breathe in the air of your future. You are there and from your comfortable chair, you observe that in your future you no longer have that _______________ in your life. Amazing! It is just gone.

You can’t recall how or when it disappeared but you are very grateful to be free from the problem. This the  ‘movie’ described in Manifesting 1, 2, 3 and it is what your thoughts will literally begin to create. You don’t know exactly how or when this will happen, but be assured, your positive outcome is being arranged.

You don’t need to specify how this problem was solved or when. Your thoughts are creating the best possible solution so please, don’t insist on a specific outcome when so many others are possible. Just go into your movie once each day and repeat your experience.

Here are some terrific stories from the story archive describing how readers literally woke up with a solution to their long-standing difficulties. Somehow, in the middle of the night, their thoughts resolved the problem.

Manifesting 1,2,3 describes how this occurs and the method to make it happen for you. This is a serious and elegant tool that is available to anyone.

Check out these encouraging stories and make Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 work for you:

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Manifesting Shifts in Time / Efficiency and Less Pressure

My Loneliness Just Melted Away!

I Just Woke up Happier!

Start clearing the room for the 2018 that you desire. Next week I’ll review how to create the life you choose. Also, the best reader’s stories from 2017 will help you on your way.  Get the book or explore the information on the website. It’s all there for you, either way.

Here’s to your fabulous 2018, the one of your making.
Happy New Year!


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