Your Fabulous Success Stories and Tips  From 2017!

Your Fabulous Success Stories and Tips  From 2017!

Happy 2018!
Last year was another remarkable one for readers working with Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3.

Looking back, the letters from readers left me in awe and I have picked some of the favorites for review.

Manifesting 1,2,3 is a results driven book and that is the point of this weekely newsletter. As so many others have discovered, anyone can create marvelous outcomes, solve some very serious problems and more.

Yes, there is more information in the book to help you on your way, but everything you need is right here and more on the Story page of the website. This information is unique because you can finally understand the HOW your thoughts create form as you think it. Once you understand this simple fact, you can create your own wonderful outcomes, even miracles.

This is a great newsletter to savor. Look over the tips and the encouraging stories from 2017. I hope to hear yours soon!

Here are some simple and important tips to help you manifest to the max!

The #2 of Manifesting 1, 2, 3 and you don’t need #3 is about fear and it’s something we all have to face. Consider this a quick and Very Important tutorial on dealing with fear. Fear has been addressed here before and the links below point to previous articles with the simple tools for dealing with those worries and fears. After those links, something new is offered: supportive ideas and information from an unusual and loving source.
How to Deal with Fear and About the Idea of Surrender

Right here, this is how your thoughts create. This is the real secret of how your thoughts build your physcal reality.
Pure Power: Your Thoughts + Gratitude

I’m sorry about those stresses, I know what they feel like, we all hit that spot sometimes. To help, here is the big picture plan of Manifesting 123 simply stated. It will get you where you want to go.
Here’s the Whole Toolbox for Working On Those Worries and Stresses

In the book, gratitude is shown to be a very important tool for increasing the power of your thoughts. With the simple addition of gratitude you can manifest more powerfully and efficiently. When you engage one of the two great powers in the Universe, Love or Fear with your thoughts, you have engaged creation itself.
Living in Gratefulness and Gratitude as a Tool

Stories of Healing

“My attention had to turn to sudden, severe physical illness which then lead to frequent ambulance rides to the emergency room. I found no relief, and soon became bedridden—physically unable to care for myself. In addition to increasingly severe physical illness and with no friends in my new town, PTSD surfaced, and grief transformed into severe clinical depression and anxiety.”
My Miraculous Healing and More

Here’s an amazing story … a holiday gift from two close friends, Anjali and Angelica. This story is full of insights like the power of forgiveness and I particularly like friends helping friends here. Anything is possible when we are purposely manifesting.
A Tragic Diagnosis, Then Taking Action with Intent and Forgiveness

“I had Double Vision and it is just what it says. You see double images and it’s so darn uncomfortable. You can’t clearly see anything… It had been afflicting me for almost two years! Doctors promised a spontaneous healing but nothing was working. I’m a doctor myself, read all about this and remained hopeful, but the bottom line was that I had to learn to live with it.”  Then manifesting came into the picture.
Listen to the Doctor. Manifesting Two Cures.

“… I remembered the Manifesting 123 book again and recalled that the author was not a psychologist but an artist and that appealed to me. Once I began to read it, I was clearly led to define what I desired in my life and what I would exclude.”
Choosing Life and Letting Cancer Go

Homes, cars, travel!

Madeline writes: “I received as eviction notice with a 7-day window to pay or move out. I remembered your Manifesting 123 book so I repeated, “I am in my future and this bill was paid on time.” Then I added 3 thank-yous and I gave gratitude for a having a warm apartment to live in, etc.
Get Evicted or Manifest a Solution in 7 Days!

Here are two interesting stories about manifesting with two successful, but different results.
Manifesting From Good Enough to Miraculous!

A single mom on a budget makes a plan with her dear friend in Hawaii. “I had just read Manifesting 123 and after explaining what I had learned to my firend, it was agreed that we would both visualize a future movie of us spending time together. Our kid’s would be with us, playing happily, traveling around Hawaii together, going out for dinner etc. and generally just having a lovely vacation with all of us together.”
I’m Going to Fly, I’m Going to Fly…

“Being unable to afford a vehicle due to my bad credit, I have been renting vehicles to drive over for the past ten months. As you know, rentals are not cheap! In addition to having issues trying to obtain a vehicle for the family, I found it impossible to get a loan for the down payment.”
Getting the Story About the Miracle!

“My dream came true… I moved into a casita in Santa Fe, NM. The land of enchantment, big blue skies, striking landscape and culture. Everything was perfect until four months later when everything changed.”
Moved to Manifest Quickly!

In this story I had just wrapped up a Manifesting 1,2, 3 Workhsop in Denver. During the class, one of the attendees, Neann, said that her intention was to sell a rental home they had listed, but it wasn’t going well….
Manifesting Big During the Workshop!
Part 1 and Part 2

“I was focusing on a new place to live, my own little cottage in a beautiful garden. I “accidentally” found one for rent, but I didn’t have a job at the time. They were thinking of renting it as a bed and breakfast instead. I gave them my information anyway and went back to look for a job.”
Imagining My Perfect Home in the Middle of a Garden…

Mother and Daughter

Anna writes, “For some months now, I have been manifesting a better relationship with my daughter. I didn’t know how it could possibly happen and as it said in the Manifesting 123 book, you don’t always have to specify an exact outcome. We have been apart without any communication for many years now. I wish it were otherwise.”
A Better Relationship With My Daughter: An Impossible Dream

Business Solutions, Careers

“Earlier this year one of the key members of my team gave notice, presenting immediate problems and also a potential opportunity. I am very familiar with Manifesting 1,2 3 and do the movie exercise recommended in the book every day. In the past I have had very good results, big and small, so without hesitation, I went to work on my perfect solution.”
Taking Care of Business by Manifesting a Big Solution

“My story begins last year. I had been unemployed for 7 years at that point and I needed to make something happen. I am very hirable, 42 years old and have a lot of experience in administration and customer service. II came across your book when I was searching the Internet for information about manifesting. I had read several books and blogs on the topic but I felt like the writers were holding something back – that there had to be more.

I purchased your eBook and decided to put it to the test.
After 7 Years Unemployed, I Got the Job. Then I Manifested More!

This is not the first time Angeline and her daughters have sent in manifesting stories for this newsletter. They get results by using all the available tools: prayer, vision boards (see below) and Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3. They don’t hold back and neither should we. This all happened in two months. How inspiring!
Can I Manifest the Necessary Raise?

This is the second time that Barbara has manifested a great job. When the time came to search for new employment, Barbara knew what to do and created her personal ‘miracle.’
I Manifested My Second Great Job. This Works!

Long before I wrote Manifesting 123, I would sometimes prompt people to make a wish. It was a strange urge, but it had been proven to me many times over how we literally create things with our thoughts and how those wishes come true. Cheryl’s Christmas note reminded me that I had suggested she make a wish as well… a very long time ago.
My Beautiful Wish Came True

My deepest thanks to all of you that shared your stoires with the world!

Go to the Interviews page to see and hear Ken talking about Manifesting 123.
There is new information here and you won’t hear it anywhere else. It is so simple. Make it work for you!

Have a manifesting story to share?
Please email it in and if it is used for this newsletter I’ll send you a free, signed copy of the book as a thank you.

Ken Elliott

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