Manifesting Success During a Difficult Job Search 

Manifesting Success During a Difficult Job Search 

I’m a tech executive in a very fast-moving and fascinating business environment. It was time for me to look for other opportunities so I hired a professional networker. His job was to to get my resume out of front of other executives and find other possibilities to advance my career.

In my current job, my immediate boss was fired. The boss that replaced him was brought in to cut expenses and he did. There were some layoffs and I was asked to stay and take a cut in my salary and forgo my agreed upon bonus. I agreed, taking a hit for the team.

I’m very familiar with Manifesting 123 you don’t need #3 and I began to manifest my bonus anyway as well as a better job. I have very successfully used those manifesting techniques in the past to aid my professional career.

Things were getting unstable at work and my second boss quit. However, I did secure my bonus, so chalk one up to manifesting. Now to manifest that ideal career.

Back to my professional networker. In the beginning, the networker was very busy but I wasn’t seeing any results. Using his services was a very expensive proposition so I was very interested in this process being successful.

A number of times the network worker would come up with a promising meeting, but when I got closer to that important interview, the opportunity would disappear. This happened a lot, so I decided to change gears.

I was prepared with a list of must-have requirements for my next employer and learned about those potential businesses. I was clearly a great candidate with the ability to sell myself, but for whatever the reason, those leads and my most recent interview did not pan out.

After some thinking and comparing notes with my wife, a corporate pro as well, we decided to call Judy Goodman for additional help. She is a big part of the Manifesting book and her intuitive powers have been very helpful in the past.

In my phone consultation with Judy she got right to the point. My recent ‘miss’ was because I was not a fit for their culture. I was dressed in the standard coat and tie business attire. Judy asked about what I wore and what kind of watch I was wearing for that interview. I thought that was an odd question, but when I answered, “A Rolex,” she recommended that I replace it next time with my Fidbit. Judy told me to just be myself, the team player that I am, and to stay on the humble side. It was an interesting insight and I took it to heart. Once Judy was on board, It seemed I was manifesting everything I needed to make my job search a successful one.

My wife and I separately use the manifesting techniques every day and some of our ideas are complimentary. Manifesting my ideal job was a prime topic for us and after talking to Judy, I made sure my style and appearance would fit into the next job’s business culture.

Shortly after, another job offer came in from my own contact, a CEO that I had known for a long time. It was a tech start-up with a young team and the owner told me he needed “An adult in the room.” I very impressed with the offer and how personably it was presented to me. All I had to do was meet the board and some of the team.

The interview went smoothly and my everyday, casual style was a fit. I was thrilled when I was given the position. I am a high-level decision maker in a career that is challenging and fulfilling.

The timing was impeccable and everything I required for the job came to be. It is a great comfort to be in a career where you can be yourself and make a contribution to the team.

Judy Goodman’s insights and manifesting a clear set of goals brought it all together quickly and happily.

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