Sleeping Problems for 17 Years: Solved With Manifesting and One Remarkable Dream  

Sleeping Problems for 17 Years: Solved With Manifesting and One Remarkable Dream  

B. writes:

I have been suffering from sleeping problems for 17​ years. After trying a multitude of natural and alternative sleeping methods, nothing worked until I started using a prescription drug 10 years ago. Of course using a drug is not ideal and doctors don’t particularly like the long-term side effects. It still hasn’t been the perfect solution because the drug only improved my sleep problem slightly.

A few months ago, K​en and I discussed some alternative metaphysical possibilities and they worked somewhat. I had begun to ask for and to manifest a solution to my sleep difficulties. It paid off because the other day things changed dramatically.

A few days ago, Ken and I had a discussion regarding metaphysics. spirituality​, ​goal ​setting ​and ​manifestation. Together we reviewed some keywords, remembering to keep things simple and clear when manifesting ​what you desire.

I explained to him that most nights when I am trying to get to sleep, I clearly sense my energy body hovering above my physical body. This is a very distracting and uncomfortable feeling, keeping me from reaching a calm, restorative space. I have talked about this before with other healers / practitioners and we all agree that it would be optimal to have my​ energy​ body rest inside my physical body to get that good nights sleep. That’s just normal.

Ken is much about the idea that our thoughts create, so his approach was to simply demand that your energy body moves into your physical body.  His out-of-body experiences and long friendship with the OBE author William Buhlman provided the much-needed information that I needed. That is, when I’m floating in that near-physical state and not sleeping, I am in a place where my thoughts will instantly create results.

To end that ‘floating’ sensation, he gave me these words to say as a command, “Into my body now.”

We discussed how our thoughts manifest results in the physical world too, but that the results are typically not immediate. He urged me to manifest and pray for things and to also ask for those good things to come with ease and a grace. Going further, he recommended something we can all do to keep the worrying down.

It’s simple really. Do what you can do during the day, working and asking, and at the end of the day, simply surrender. The day is done, it is late, we are tired and it is time to turn off the lights  and surrender. Time to let our thoughts, the asking and manifesting we did earlier in the day to do their work.

The night after that conversation last week I slept like a rock all the way through and I have each day since!!​ I also had an amazing dream ​that night. A man appeared in my dream and I thought it might have been Ken. The man gave me a fabulous, chocolate swirly dessert.

I thought about it when I woke up and wondered if that was ​actually Ken. ​I don’t have a sweet tooth,​ but he sure does! The following morning I called Ken and asked if he had anything to do with my wonderful sleep. When I told him about my dream and the chocolate, it jogged him to recall his dream the same night and he remembered giving me three gifts. I didn’t recall anything about the three gifts at all but Ken clearly did after I spoke of my dream. Apparently we had exchanged information in the middle of the night on ​a ​metaphysical level.

Bottom line? I’m still sleeping great! It is just what I asked for.


Well, it seems I have some explaining to do. First off, this is an amazing demonstration of what your thoughts can bring to you in an unlimited way. B. apparently solved an important problem by using the command she recently learned. The three gifts imply that there may be more good things to come – more of what she has been asking for.

This story is all about what our thoughts create and in the non-physical realm, they create quickly. Her previous prayers and intentions to solve this problem instigated our recent conversation. From there she got the commands she needed to sleep soundly. She was able to change being in that “half in and out” of her physical body at night. Thank goodness!
In our dreams, I remembered giving her the three gifts when I woke but it was quickly forgotten as I began my day. Later that afternoon, B. called to tell me that she finally slept well and that she vaguely remembered seeing me – was that Ken? The man in her dream had given her a chocolate dessert.
When I heard that, I immediately remembered seeing B. in my dream that night and giving her the three gifts. Here is something you may not have heard before. Often in our important dreams there is a “trigger.” In this case it was the dessert and it prompted me to remember my dream and to compare our experiences. It was quite the confirmation for her to know that her thoughts had affected a positive change.

Was that actually me in her dream delivering the gifts? Maybe, maybe not. When we are sleeping, we sometimes travel in the spirit realm doing and experiencing things that we can’t completely remember. Vivid dreams often have an important message or something to learn. In those so-called dreams, it may be that we are having a very real experience in the spirit realm but we bring it back into our physical memory as something we can better understand – the vivid dream. It’s not the full memory of what happened when we were in spirit, but a fragment or interpretation of the event – an altered memory that is simpler and easier to understand. For example, you might have a vivid dream where you recall being in a beautiful, peaceful place on a lake. You are completely at ease and without a worry. The dream was so vivid it is an actual memory and a touchstone for you when you need calm. That’s the memory you bring back, not the full experience of actually being in a heavenly place that is not of this world.
Back to the gift dream, the chocolate “trigger” intrigues me. My suspicion is that someone else was helping B. and used my presence as a familiar, comfortable person to “gift’ B. It took B. and I to confirm the story as something true and the “trigger” helped us remember and talk about it. Whatever her gifts were, I remember them to be positive. The gifts were not my invention but apparently I got to be the messenger boy and any credit is due elsewhere. We both did some good work that night, even when our bodies were resting.
B’s thoughts make things happen in a Remarkable Way!
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