Fear Of… Let’s Fix This!

Fear Of… Let’s Fix This!

What are we frightened of? Well, just about everything It seems. We seem to be hardwired for it.

Of course we want to be more successful but sometimes we’re afraid to even start. That’s fear of failure. It’s very common among artists. They are at the cutting edge of creation and if they don’t begin to write or put marks on the canvas, then nothing happens…guaranteed failure. There will certainly be ‘mistakes’ in the process but after a little experience and mental adjusting, they realize that so-called mistakes are part of the creative process and the good artists accommodate them.

Another fear is when others lead us to believe that we are less than what we really are. We are endowed with life and we can create life itself, enormous gifts, so how it it that we are somehow inferior? Not at all unless we make it so.

What about this one? People tell us we have great potential but were afraid of possible success. How can the talk ourselves into that? We can convince ourselves of any number of ideas that don’t serve us.

Why is is that we not happy in our present position and won’t make a move to change it? Fear of the unknown.

Our happiness is up to us. How many times have we discovered that that having that wonderful new thing, job or person doesn’t make us happy? Happiness is our responsibility, not that thing or another person.

OK, so what are some fundamental things we can do? The first one is to take action.

Here are some simple steps with links for more information. This is simple work, so jump right in!

Express your gratitude

Clearly manifest your heart’s desire. If you are inclined to do so, pray for that good outcome.

Step back and see if your life is one of love or fear and decide how you want to be and live going forward. Then, go back to your work and be kind to yourself. Make time to rest when you are tired and treat yourself with small rewards for no reason at all. At the end of the day note that you have done all you can do and that your prayers and manifesting thoughts are doing their work. It’s time to let it go, so turn off the lights and get some sleep.

When people put these ideas into action they start to see results. Some happen the way they plan it but often change occurs as what appears to be bad news.

If you are manifesting, wishing or praying for change then change is what you will see. It may be the very thing that moves you from one position to another. The ‘asker’ moves from the lesser place and Into an unknown scenario. It can seem scary! Like the artists mentioned earlier, creatives see the opportunity for change and embrace the process. A rear view mirror is handy here. When we look back at our lives, we can see how those so-called bad changes have benefited us.

Most of us won’t quit that unhappy job until we have the next one lined up. Therefore, you have made a decision to stay where you are unless the miracle happens. That’s OK. You the tools to get things started. Did you ever consider that your prayers and manifesting put you in the miracle business? You are the maker of much in your life. Once you take action, be prepared for the solution in whatever form. It will be change as ‘bad news’ or even miracles.

Here’s some information from a past newsletter to help us get out of her own way.

The world is full of wonderful opportunities and my wish is that it all works out wonderfully for you. After all, if you’re in a place of happiness and comfort then it’s a lot more likely that you’ll have the time and energy to be of help to others. It makes perfect sense to help yourself in along the way.


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