Want Results? Never Stop Manifesting. Just Ask Tina.

Want Results? Never Stop Manifesting. Just Ask Tina.

Thank you Tina for your impressive manifesting story! Your goals were clear and you kept to a simple “script.” As it happens in everyone’s lives, what we repetitively think becomes our reality. That is what the book explains so clearly.

But along the way to our happy day, our plans we make don’t always turn out as we wish. Note that Tina’s very successful story contains an important caveat: don’t let a lack of instant success, lack of confidence or depression keep you from purposely manifesting your desires every day. Stay with it anyway. Believe it or not, your thoughts are constantly creating so continue to make them work for you… please!


Hi Ken,

It has been such a long time since I wrote you about my manifesting successes. So here goes:

In 2010-11, I started my recent journey but it was not an easy one. My beloved dog had died of brain cancer, my position with a fortune 100 company was eliminated and my 19-year marriage ended. I had this very simple approach with three desired outcomes:

1. Get a job
2. Get a home
3. Get a dog

Once I read your book, I didn’t go into great detail in my visualization. I just saw myself being in a state of peacefulness with everything falling into place as needed to achieve these outcomes. As you can imagine, during this journey not everything has gone swimmingly. However when things did go “South,” I stayed with my script. Your book clearly explains how our thoughts create and it gave me comfort. I found myself able to be at peace and continued toward the goals I had set for myself.

Fast-forward to 2015, where after bouncing around the country and consulting, I decided Denver was the place to make my home and bring my three outcomes into reality.

While getting a dog was third on my list, I first adopted a puppy after fostering her and two siblings. Then, after 9 months of job search, I got a job in my industry that I knew was not my forever job.

This job was very important because it allowed me to buy a home two months later. I found it quickly, after looking for just 2-3 weeks, which was pretty miraculous considering Denver has had a housing shortage for almost 8 years. This home checked off all my 38 “must haves” and it is perfect for my two dogs. The design of the home also allowed me to create a furnished basement for one-month vacation rentals.

Here is the reason for this letter. For the last couple of years I’ve wanted to move into my encore career as a non-profit, volunteer coordinator manager but two things were roadblocks. The non-profit job wouldn’t pay enough for me to qualify to buy a home and I didn’t have the training/experience to get the job. So I’ve been envisioning myself having no financial concerns and being about my purpose in life to work for a non-profit.

Here are the results so far:
The job allowed me to buy the house that is perfect for my dear pets and me. All that is left is to steadily rent the basement space I’ve made for short-term vacationers. Thankfully, I am financially OK if some months are lean.

My intentions have quickly fallen into place. The basement’s first rental was on 1/13 and it is rented for all of February.

Days later on 1/17 I was informed that I was laid off. This is not the end of the world but the beginning of my next one because I now qualify for federal funds to be retrained for guess what? My dream of becoming a non-profit volunteer coordinator manager! Further, I can collect unemployment while I go to school and the basement rentals will pay for my mortgage. Check, check, and happy check!

Manifesting works. It is probably different for everyone, but it works.

Best to you,


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There is new information here and you won’t hear it anywhere else. It is so simple. Make it work for you!

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