Are You Ready to Make A Move? Got Time to Waste?

Are You Ready to Make A Move? Got Time to Waste?

I was talking with a friend the other day and for whatever the reason, the subject of time capsules came up. It made think back to when I was junior high school and all of us were asked to put something down on paper for the year 2000 Time Capsule. It had to be something on paper, a drawing or a comment, and they would join a number of other items selected by the faculty for that Very Important Future Ceremony.

I remembered how distant the year 2000 seemed. It would take an age for that to come around. Eventually the big date arrived, I was an adult and now those junior high memories are incredibly distant in an odd, inverse way. On the day whole planet moved into the new Century, with each of us in our own ideas of what it would bring and the potential of it all.

Continuing the conversation with my friend, it occurred to me that we are now in 2018. I can’t say that I set clear goals when the year 2000 came around but like so many others we were inspired to do some-thing a bit better than before. At the time I wasn’t actively manifesting because it wasn’t a mainstream topic, but I’m not sure that it would’ve been important to me at the time anyway.

But after writing Manifesting 123 and then receiving over 200 success stories from readers, thank you SO much, it made me think of what we all could’ve been creating in the last 18 years!

This is not one of those New Year’s resolution stories because we are well into February. I will just point it out a second time here. We are 18 years into this new Century, and after the publication of this book we finally know how our thoughts literally create forms and concepts in real-time. This is a fundamental piece of knowledge and we are all equally capable to use it to the max.

Let’s not waste another second waiting for that lucky break. We can create them ourselves. Rather than continuing forward in a situation that doesn’t serve us, manifest a future where we are fulfilled, comfortable and happy.

Sure, there is more information in the book but all the basics you need for success can be heard the many interviews available on the website now. Manifesting is incredibly simple and easy to do. The year is still young and there is plenty of time to make 2018 your personal Launchpad!

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