I Manifested Big Time Without Really Knowing How. This Is Amazing!

Jackie is a manifesting pro! In her letter, she demonstrates how repetitive thoughts will create outcomes. We are all doing this constantly and our lives reflect our thinking in positive or less than optimal ways. Quite simply, Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 explains for the 1st time how your thoughts literally create as you think them.

Many suspect this is so and in the numerous books on the topic we are encouraged to take positive action and I so agree. Once Jackie learned how manifesting actually works, as his letter demonstrates, he is going forward to create more good things in his life.  What’s on your ‘perfect’ to-do list?


Hi Ken,
First I want to thank you for your book. I have both the book and audible audio and listen to the audio while in my car.

I wanted to tell you about a manifesting story that happened to me in 2016, before I read your book. I live east of Seattle, WA and our housing market is one of the hottest in the nation. We have 800 to 1000 new people moving into our area every month because of Amazon, Goggle and a number of other businesses offering great jobs. I was living in a townhouse that was too big, and with the recent Homeowner’s Assn. dues increases, it became even more expensive.

Everyone told me that if I sold my present townhome, it would be difficult to find another place without going way up North or South, not my ideal. Around September I got the nudge to start looking for a new place. I knew my townhouse would sell quickly because there is not enough housing inventory available for all who want to buy, but I didn’t want to think about listing my place until I knew where I was going to go.

My wonderful son-in law is in real estate and offered to help me look. I started looking online at Zillow and other real estate sites each morning and over the course of several weeks I had looked at a number places. During this time I stayed calm and said out loud, “Perfect Place, Perfect location, Perfect price,” and then let go of it.

One day my son-in law called me and asked me if I would want to stay close to the neighborhood I was currently living in? Of course I would. He had found another townhouse close by and off we went to look at it.

Ken, this place was “Perfect Place for me, Perfect location and here is what was so unreal, it was the Perfect priceIn fact, as we were standing in the living room, my son-in law Pete said, “Your not going to believe this, but the owner just dropped the price $10,000. Turns out that whomever listed it on the MLS data base didn’t list it properly and it had sat on the market for 39 days without a bite. That is totally unheard of in this market, where houses sell within hours of being listed.

We put in the offer contingent on my townhouse selling within a 5-day period. I still continued my mantra: “Perfect Place, Perfect location, Perfect price,” and let it go, even with backup offers now pouring in behind my own purchase offer.

My house sold the day after it was listed to a couple that had been outbid in this fast  market many times. To make sure they got my townhouse, they offered an additional $15,000 and the deal was done.

When I read your book, I realized I had been using the Manifesting 1 and 2, and as the title says, I didn’t need #3! I use the principle everyday and it works.

The odds were so against my finding a place in an area that I love. I thought I would have to relocate to be able to afford my perfect place.

I now know this wonderful energy makes miracles happen.



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There is new information here and you won’t hear it anywhere else. It is so simple. Make it work for you!

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