Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Has to Wait Sometimes, So Be Ready!

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Has to Wait Sometimes, So Be Ready!

Jeannie writes:
I’ve been manifesting for a while now and I realize that things don’t always happen in the blink of an eye, they take time to line up. Two years ago I had the idea of opening a juice bar. I spent a good amount of time and energy researching the business and looked around for good locations, but all of the pieces just wouldn’t come together. The business idea was often on my mind but I never saw the perfect opportunity present itself.

Now you have some background and now I’ll continue with my story from just last week. My husband and I drove to an island near Corpus Christi, Texas. We were going to have a nice getaway on the beach and enjoy the ocean, something we miss here in Colorado Springs.

Corpus Christi and the nearby island, Port Aransas were hit pretty hard during the last hurricane season so we figured it would be nice if we did a little something for the local economy and being February, there wouldn’t be a lot of people on the island.

It was a fabulous plan, a camper road trip, but once we arrived we found ourselves in a Chevy Chase vacation movie! Without going into a lot of details, we managed to knock the top of our camper off. It was nicely timed since the weather was bitterly cold with a light snow coming down, a very rare occurrence! The weird weather coordinated nicely with our newly broken window and the sudden loss of the heat in our camper. I also took a pretty hard fall resulting in a number bruises on one side of my body. Our camper adventure was done.

We finally got to a hotel where we laughed because crying would just make us colder. I think we passed the stress test, if that’s what it was. A few days later and after all of that excitement, we were back on the road heading to our Colorado home. We were just driving along the open highway, mile after mile, and everything was normal until I clearly felt something come over me.

It was truly an epiphany. I felt a deep peace and a knowing that everything now and in the future will be just fine. It was a profound moment and I clearly felt the peaceful change infuse me. It is still with me. Interesting that I was in the middle of nowhere, in between times. There was the time of what had just occurred on our wacky vacation and the normal, busy lives waiting for us in Colorado. Regardless, I was at peace as we drove home.

As soon as we got to the house I called a friend, hoping to plan a get together. She suggested a place for us to go the next morning, the Pikes Peak market. It is an interesting place with a lot of individual vendors in booths selling different foods. I went to one of the vendors and asked her if there was someone with a juice bar. She said it’s funny that you would ask because a lot of people have been coming around today looking for the same thing.

Seeing my opening, I jumped right in, made some arrangements and in a very short time I now I have my very own juice bar. Even nicer, my friend is in the booth with me selling her muffins. This is all came together quickly and better than I had planned 2 years ago. I couldn’t wait to let you know how sweetly this manifested. We’ve been in business for two whole days now and things are going well. I love serving the people a healthy food that really tastes good. I have a passion for this and it is so much fun.

Oh, there was one more thing that came my way. Before opening the business I was going to make a trip to Costco to pick up a number of things. Just before making heading out, I got a coupon in the mail that was good for $60 at Costco! Everything is coming along smoothly and I love the feeling of peace that is with me.

The time was finally right for my heart’s desire to beautifully and efficiently come together. I named my business Angelica Nectar, it seems just right.


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