I Went for Happiness and Worthiness: There Were Side Effects!

I Went for Happiness and Worthiness: There Were Side Effects!

The last couple of years haven’t been a great time romantically. In the last year and a half I went through a divorce and some months after the divorce I fell in love and dated somebody for a few months, but the relationship didn’t last.

I was more heartbroken over the person I dated then the ending of a 23-year marriage. After doing a lot of soul-searching from the break up, I decided to really take this time and work on me… to start to have a love affair with me! I decided to regain my confidence and truly value ME!! I was not going to worry about a companion being in my life and I’m finally at the point where I’m feeling very comfortable in my own skin. I am just being by myself and enjoying life! I realize there is so much fun to be had with friends and just being on your own.

I had actually put out to the universe/God, that I am really enjoying this time by myself, and even though I had to go through some sadness to get here, I’m in a better place than I have ever been in my life. It was pure gratefullness. I also put out the thought that I’m not in a hurry for someone to show up in my life, should that be the plan and if not, I’m OK being alone. This is the first time in decades I have been totally on my own.

Now here’s the interesting part to all of this. I was at work the other day talking with a coworker. She was asking how I was doing and if I was dating anyone at this time. I followed my script and stated how I want to be. I told her, “No, but I am OK with that – in fact I’m more than good with that. I’m having fun just being with my friends, meeting new people and doing what I want, when I want.” That was the first time I made that statement out loud. She then asked what I did over the holidays I told her I spent time with my kids. They came over and we watched my very favorite movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

At that very moment, a customer walked in and heard me say, “It’s a Wonderful Life” and said to me “That’s my very favorite movie in the whole world!” My coworker looked at him and then at me. She started questioning him and we found out he was just passing through, but he stayed and talked with me for almost 2 hours! Thank goodness it was a slow day at work. Before he left, we exchanged contact information and he gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek.

He called me when he was on the road later, and we talked for another hour and a half. He told me, and this may sound really weird, “I have a big crush on you.” I asked how could he know that if we just met? He said he was asking himself the same thing. He went on to tell me he’s a realist and knows we live states away and really all we could ever be is friends. He told me where he lives and if I ever visited his city, he would take me around and be my tour guide.

He was very sincere and complementary, saying, “You are so full of love and light, very confident and know your worth, and you are intelligent, warm and engaging. You make me feel very welcome. Do not change a thing! I’m very attracted to confident women, who know their value, are intelligent and kind. And you are all of those!”

He said he didn’t know what compelled him to stop into the store but there must’ve been a reason. I told him I think it was basically for him to tell me those reassuring words. He let me know the new and positive things I am feeling it on the inside and that others are sensing it also. It was just stunning. As I was stating out loud how I was feeling about myself, this man walks in the door and makes a strong connection with me. What timing!

There is more: a couple days later, I ran into two different men at different times and they basically said the same thing. They both let me know they were very interested in me and wanted to make a time to get to know me better.

Once I made the decision to declare my worthiness, to accept and love myself as I am, then others could sense that too.

There is a very interesting thing that happens to individuals when they declare, ask or work to manifest a concept. Rather than a physical thing like a car, job, etc., it can be idea like less stress, happiness, fulfillment and more. There are internal changes that are being sought and the trend is that they begin to go into effect rather quickly. It may by that those internal changes are less complicated than creating that new job or acquiring the better car.

In Becky’s story the only ‘part’ to change was how she felt about herself. I so admire Becky for taking the direct route. Rather than pouring through the self-help books (I certainly approve) and numerous other studies or strategies, she simply asked for and stated the thing., “I decided to regain my confidence and truly value ME!!”
This is what our thoughts can do.  Just by thinking it, Becky became happier and obviously more attractive to others, with her new acquaintances speaking to her appeal, confidence and worth.

Follow Becky’s lead and start now!

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  1. Leephether Says: March 15, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    “I decided to regain my confidence and truly value ME!!”

    Awesome way to put it, lol. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks aunty Ran! xoxoxo

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