Want to Make Things Happen? For Starters, Just Ask

Want to Make Things Happen? For Starters, Just Ask

Liza is someone that uses Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 as well as prayers. In this case, she decided to use another method that is pretty reliable for her, simply asking for help.

Don’t be reluctant to ask for help, pleazzze! Liza has an amazing life and her secret ingredient is in the asking: requesting help and manifesting solutions. Special training isn’t required and help is available to everyone! Sometimes the ‘small’ stories are the best examples, so here goes.

Liza writes:
Last week I was walking with friends in a large open space when my friend spied a hawk’s nest. It was nestled near a creek in a low-growing shrub called a scrub oak.

I had to get a closer look, so I plunged in and for my efforts I pulled out three gorgeous hawk feathers. As a bonus, I was covered with leaves and came away with multiple scratches for my efforts. No matter, I was delighted to see that nest up close and for the gift of the feathers.

Later that night I reached for the reading glasses that are always perched on top of my head but they were gone. I began to search everywhere – pockets, purses, car etc. but no luck. They had to be in the house but they were nowhere to be found.

After 3 days of a massive search wearing plastic “readers,” I ASKED FOR HELP.  I knew if anyone could find my glasses, my Angels and Guides would. Suddenly I had the strongest urge that I have to drive all the way back to the huge open space we were hiking in 3 days ago.

Once I arrived, I felt calm and just enjoyed the warm sun on me as I hiked back to the hawk’s nest. I shoved my way back into the bush and just 3 feet away, nestled in leaves were my glasses!

Thinking back, did my asking trigger the solution waiting in my brain or was it the angels and guides? Whatever it was, I loved how the answer came to me immediately. I have to laugh at myself… why did I wait 3 days to ask?

I am filled with Gratitude.


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Photo credit: Laurier Optical, right: Curiano.com and Manifesting 123 on Pinterest

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