Get Creative: Manifest it BIG!

Get Creative: Manifest it BIG!

Ken and I were talking the other day about my new business plan, the garden level apartment I recently renovated as a rental. I had a unique approach to manifesting the perfect tenants for my apartment and Ken asked it I would pass it onto you.

Initially I had intended to rent it out unfurnished for long-term rentals. Some remodeling would be required and since the entire space would need repainting, I thought of an opportunity to manifest a successful outcome. It was a BIG idea. I would use the walls like a giant wish list!

Prior to my repainting the space, I started writing on the walls. What did I write? It was a list of all the attributes that my perfect tenants would be. “They were mature and not partiers, they were quiet and my dogs liked them. The tenants respected my space and took care of it like it was their own.” You get the drift. For the benefit of my tenants I also wrote on the bathroom walls, “You are handsome” and “You are beautiful.” I wanted my tenants/guests to like/love themselves. We need friends and family to build us up, and in the morning when we look in the mirror before we leave to go face the world, our self affirmation needs to be that we are enough.

As a bonus, another idea came to me. About midpoint in the renovation, I realized that a short-term, rather the long-term rental (a online option like Airbnb or Vacation Rental By Owner) was going to be a better fit.

The results were terrific. The long-term plan is much better and I have been blessed with guests who perfectly fit the descriptions I wrote on the walls. By the way, those intentions are still there, unseen under the paint. There is also a copy of Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 in the living room.

My intentions continue to work for me and I am grateful!
Here’s the link to my completed rental oasis in Denver.



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