My Dreams Were Building All This Time, Then the Surprise!

My Dreams Were Building All This Time, Then the Surprise!

This is a beautifully unfolding story! Thank you R!

Listen to this.  Last Sunday, my gentleman friend and I had to attend an event in a nearby town, not far from where I live. Along the way he took a route I wasn’t familiar with. I’ve been living in this area for only two years and I’m still learning my way around.

During our drive I noticed a lot of scenery, like homes, lakes, etc. and a street sign that read Treelake Village. I had seen that sign near my storage area and I kept thinking about why it was so familiar…hmmm. As we continued on I noticed and recognized more street names. One was Wexel and it really caught my attention.

Here’s why. Years ago, I was a realtor and my office was located in Roseville, CA. After our business meetings or at the end of the day, I would shop at the Safeway located just minutes from the office. I loved shopping in that store….it was a dream to shop there. I recall having lunch at the time with a realtor friend at Chipotle’s next to the Safeway and I expressed my interest in living in that community.

I loved it so very much I brought up the idea of moving there to my husband at the time (now deceased.) He was completely against the idea, saying it was too expensive and besides, he wanted to buy a plane since he was a pilot and we had an airport right down the street from our home. He eventually got his plane, his dream come true.

But I continued to dream about the homes in Treelake Village and I would surf and look at the homes there ANYWAY, hoping things would change. One home I really liked in Treelake Village was on Wexel.

Another one I looked at was on Monet. Mind you, I was doing all this looking on the web. I never actually saw these homes but in my dreams, I took baths in the huge soaking tub and imagined exploring new landscaping ideas in my dream yards. I LOVED this place.

I get it now! All those streets names have come back to me. What did I see on my drive the other day? Wexel, Monet and Treelake Village. These were the homes and streets I saw on the web over and over so long ago. My community, Granite Bay is very close by…. I had arrived and didn’t know it!

Where do I shop? At that favorite Safeway by the Keller Williams (the realtor has moved since, so I didn’t catch on.) I live only 2 minutes from the store!

The street I turn on to get to my home is Monet… that Monet! The beautiful Spanish style home I used to tour online is right down the street from me. FINALLY, I get it!

I didn’t know of that route until last Sunday because I never ventured out that far. It was like Deja Vu.  OMGee!  It was like a MOVIE where someone says, “Yes, R. you have been here before. Remember, this is the SAME community you dreamed of living in so many years ago.” Seeing those street names scared the heck out of me, especially Wexel. NOW, I am seeing it in person!!  Then this phrase jumped out at me…WELCOME HOME.  I used to say that to myself when I was dreaming of being in this community.

I was 45 years young when I thought about living in this area. After knowing my husband would never move, I had to let it go. Now at the age of 61, my thoughts have come to fruition. I am so happy here.

If I had never taken the different route to the event I would have never known about how my dreams came true. Poof!

I guess what I’m trying to relay to you is this, and from reading your book, you know it. Thoughts create outcomes. It you keep repeating them and adding emotion, then like magic, your dreams do come true.

Be careful of what you ask for? How about being aware of what you ask for. This took time, but I am squarely in the place I dreamed of. Just amazing…

A bit more…
OK.  Now answer this question for me. WHY????
Why wasn’t I shown this early on? I’ve been here two years and had never known that I was in my dream community.  Why now?

Ken, you said this phrase to me this just the other day, “You are now living in your future.”  Now I get it.  YES.  Everything you dream of, what you keep thinking becomes a reality, GOOD or BAD, so we should be aware of what we are continually thinking.

I used to always read The Secret in order to keep thinking in a positive manner. They said the secret to getting want you want in life is to FEEL GOOD. Be happy.

Now, I would have to say that is only the tip of the iceberg. Yes, it’s a feeling, but the mind’s eye(s) actually makes a picture (movie.)  I realize I am currently in the future I previously created and I am continuing to create more good things!

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