How Quickly Can I Manifest Three Important Things? Part 2

How Quickly Can I Manifest Three Important Things? Part 2


Here’s were we left off with Miranda’s story in Part I:
Miranda successfully passed her drivers test in Canada. She is 44 years old and for the very first time, she is looking for a good, used car to purchase. If all works out well, she will no longer have to get up at 4am to catch a bus for work. 

There is a budget for her and her three daughters so Miranda has to be smart about this. To complicate things, she just found out that her apartment has announced a sizable rent increase.

So on the same day that she took her driver’s license test, she put a plan in motion using prayers and manifesting to fix the rent increase problem and to create a way to purchase a great, “new’ used car.

Miranda writes:
I had already sent out the prayers and had been manifesting that the rent increase and car would be taken care of. Solutions needed to happen fast, beginning with the rent increase problem.  Shortly before the day of my driver’s test, I put a plan in for the rent solution, that I would pass the drivers test and be able to purchase a good car.

Early that morning I caught the bus for work and I would have to patiently wait until after work that day to see if my rent plan was successful. It was a good day because during my lunch break I passed the drivers test! Now for the rent and car solutions.

Earlier I had written a note to my landlord and gave it to my teenage daughter to personally deliver on the same day as my driver’s test. In it I explained that I we been living there for seven years and as a single mother with three daughters, a $600 a month rent increase would be very difficult for me. I instructed my daughter to personally deliver it to the rental office after school. I also let her know that it was OK to cry when she delivered it.

After my bus ride home that evening I was eager to see how it went at the rental office. My daughter told me that when she got to the office she had to wait her turn. It was a bit nerve-wracking she said but she hung in there. When she was called up to talk to the agent my daughter presented the letter and waited while the agent read it. After reading, the agent looked up and said, “OK, no problem.” It was just that simple. My daughter didn’t have to offer anything further. We can continue living in our apartment without any rent increase. How miraculous! I was thrilled.

That done, I went to get the mail. Are you ready for this

But just a second, let me explain about the car. First I need to get a driver’s license. Check. Then the money had to come from somewhere. I figured on a cheap, used care for about $2000. Every time I saw one to buy, the seller would flake out or the car would be sold before I could get back to the buyer. I began to think, “Maybe I’m not supposed to buy a care that cheap. I manifest a newer, more reliable, used car.”

Lately I had been imagining myself in a really good used car and with some of the money left over, I also pictured that I had a very nice purse as well. I was manifesting a scene where I slide into the car’s front seat and place my lovely purse in the seat next to me. This is a scene I had repeated many times and on top of manifesting this outcome, I prayed that this would all come to be.

I picked up the mail and to my surprise, there was an envelope from Revenue Canada. It’s like the American IRS. I felt they owed me a good bit of money and I had written and called them numerous times about it. It was difficult to get my idea across apparently, because they never took any action on my request and because it all transpired so long ago, I gave up on ever hearing from them again.

What could be in the envelope, more work for me to do on the request? A final and complete rejection of my request? Well there was a letter all right, it was an explanation for the attached $10,000 check!

Now I’m off to research a really good, used car for the girls and me. What a luxury to have a far greater budget to work with. I learned to go big and I’m still in awe that everything came together in one day!

Pray, manifest and know that things are being put into place. It is there for the asking!

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