Now I Am Falling Upward!  Part 1

Now I Am Falling Upward! Part 1

Emily got a bad break and it cascaded into even more problems, but Emily never gives up because she knows she has the tools to turn things around. She feels that her prayers and manifesting / visualizations are making things happen. I do too!

Emily writes,
Let me point out that I am someone much attuned to prayers and have been manifesting for sometime now.
We all have our ups and downs but I am never far from another prayer or my daily manifesting script.

In September of 2016, I had a very bad fall at home resulting in spinal and wrist issues that took away my ability to walk properly and to type.As a result, I was unable to properly do my job.

My employer met with me to see if there were other tasks I could do.There was some movement in that direction but after a final meeting and subsequent report, I was let go. There is more to this story, but along the way I obtained a legitimate proof of discrimination against me and accordingly, I filed suit. These suits take a long time to settle so I had to find a way to move forward.

I struggled financially during this period but never gave up as I prayed and visualized the universe was helping me gain what was necessary to get by.It has been a difficult situation for a single parent and the stress was pretty high. Eventually anxiety attacks began and my walking problems were not getting better. I have continually been praying and manifesting for good solutions and in the meantime, just doing what needs to be done as if I have a normal life. I know to ask for things and stay with it because I’ve seen too many answered prayers and wonderful manifestations in my life.

When things get difficult we often find ourselves more focused on our problems.Well, I had my share of difficulties and I used that focus to conscientiously visualize that my best and highest good would be done in this and that  it would turn out well. It was a non-specific but high-reaching request. There are a lot of ways for any of us to be in a good place in life without having to plan every detail and that was my plan.

It has been awhile, but of the blue things took a positive turn this week regarding a new home to rent.I decided to contact Ken with the good news and we made a phone appointment. But to my surprise, what I wanted to share with him was preempted the day before with even more extraordinary news! Let me first explain that in January of this year I learned that my discrimination suit had been decided in my favor. That’s a very positive start but the system allows for the case to be reconsidered. Should I successfully get through this second phase, I would receive a settlement. All of this takes a lot of time and a potential settlement was not something I could count on.

So the good home news intended to share was overwhelmed by an even better outcome.I shared with Ken that I just received news telling me my discrimination lawsuit was upheld a second time and a monetary amount been decided upon. It was considerably more than I had first offered to settle for and I was very happy to get it!

Things are looking up in a very big way and I feel fortunate to know that many of my prayers have been answered.I can clearly see that what I have been visualizing and manifesting is quickly coming into focus.

I feel my health is improving slowly but steadily and I am filled with gratitude for all that has happened on my behalf and for my son.

It is easy to fall into hopelessness but it is also just as easy to pray and manifest solutions.Never give up! We have the tools to call in miracles, speaking of which, I’ll share my new home story with you next.


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