Fixing Problems in Advance. Stephen’s “Daily Treatment”

Fixing Problems in Advance. Stephen’s “Daily Treatment”

There is some valuable information in this story and as it unfolded, I noticed two points that are easy to miss. Notice that Stephen is making affirmations and intentions set in the present and in his future. The second is his advice against being annoyed or bothered by the present situations. His intentions are for a future where things are already worked out in advance somehow.

I was much surprised to read his story because last month I had the same garage door problem and his financial solution mirrored mine: the immediate sale of our artworks. This might be advice worth taking!

Oh, and one more thing. click here to watch the Monster House garage door in action!
Stephen writes:
I was raised in a religion where it seemed to be normal (or expected of you) to pray for yourself daily. This was sometimes referred to as a personal ‘daily treatment’. I am no longer active in this church, although I acknowledge the good things I gleaned from it. My daily treatment is a little different nowadays, influenced a little by folks like Ken Elliott and his book, other thinkers, and my own experience.

It might include affirmations like this:
“My life is characterized by ease, grace and harmony. Health, wealth, love, abundance, fulfilment, interest, variety and wonder are mine. That which I need comes to me whether it is sustenance, people, circumstances, objects, ideas, inspiration or funds”.

We moved into our current home about eight years ago. We have an automatic garage door and it has always been noisy when opening. Sometimes it would stall. Adjustments were made to it, but it always irked us.

About a week ago the door lifter mechanism failed in a spectacular way. We got an expert to look at it and he immediately informed us that the springs in the lift mechanism had never been big enough to properly compensate for the weight of the door. We were told that it would be maybe a week before they could install a new lifting system.

We were a bit peeved that the original installer did not do the job correctly. This mistake was now going to cost us over $1000.  It was also tempting to be bothered by the ‘fact’ that the door could not be fixed immediately. However, we know that it is not helpful to be annoyed or anxious.

I sent an email accepting the repair quote and within a very short time I got a phone call to say that there had been a cancellation. Our job could be done that afternoon.

The cost of the installation was $1358.27. The next day my wife, Jackie, was operating our collective art gallery in the city and sold two of our pieces for a total of $1360.

The new garage door opener is a ‘Whisper Drive’ and it is certainly true to its name. Besides being a more than adequate repair, it is wonderful to operate and we had a ‘bonus’ keypad installed on the outside of the house so that we can let family members have access without giving them keys. Plus, the new device has a battery backup so it can work during a power outage. It has been a good experience and a perfect example of how our thoughts can create beautiful outcomes and futures.

Best wishes from New Zealand,
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