How Could A Home on the River Flow to Me?

How Could A Home on the River Flow to Me?

We are well past 200 stories in this newsletter and each one is extraordinary and special in its own way. Some outcomes seem larger than others but that’s not the point. People are asking for things or concepts and they are seeing results.

Fast or slow, big or small, whatever they repetitively put their minds to began manifesting in their lives. This is the book that explains how your thoughts actually create form and shows you a very efficient way to make it work. M. learned about Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 from hearing me discuss it – she never read the entire book. It is that easy to understand and put into practice.
M. writes:
My husband and I had lived in a large, Victorian home for many years. Since it is just the two of us, I felt that it was a lot of space inside and outside, making it difficult to maintain. He was happy with the house as it was and I never could get him to consider downsizing. My suggestions went on for 2 years, but he was very set on staying in the big house.

After meeting Ken and hearing him speak about his book, I made other plans. For whatever the reason, I always wanted to live right on the N. River in Massachusetts. It was a big dream of mine but an impractical one because houses on that river get a big premium. But after hearing about Manifesting 1,2,3 and some of those success stories, I decided to put it to work for me. After two years of waiting for something to happen, I took it on myself to take action.

Here is what I did every night at bedtime. I would imagine that I am in some future time, living in the perfect home on the N. River with my husband. It is just the right size, a beautiful river property with an art studio for me and the right kind of workshop area for my husband. In this future of mine, everything worked out financially somehow and we are very happy to be there. In my mind this is all taking place in an imaginary future. The home has already happened, we are living in it and after my pleasant vision I always say how grateful I am and thank God for making it happen. That’s it.

Sometime later I got on the computer because I had the urge to look at houses. In the past there hadn’t been anything interesting to consider. This time was different. With very little effort, a home came up with a N. River location. It was smaller with an amazing art studio space and ample room for a workshop. It seemed just right and I was very surprised that the price wasn’t extravagant.

I told a close a close friend about it and to my surprise, she owned it years ago as an investment property! The present owner was doing the same, having bought the house recently. He made some cosmetic improvements, nothing major and put it back on the market to flip it. My friend and I arranged to see the house and I was absolutely struck. It was that perfect home on the river!

I fell in love with it, took pictures and sat on the idea until the perfect opportunity came up to show my husband. I kept up my nightly vision of living there, put together photos of all the good features he would like and stayed patient. One evening I was on the computer and he came over to chat. That’s when I told him about the river house. He didn’t say a word at first but then he asked to see the photos I’d saved. He liked it!

In a very short time we toured the house together, bought it and moved in. During the move, I found an old etching hidden behind a table. I had completely forgotten about it. My friends and I all agree that it looks like the river view from the back of our present home.

Here is a photo of the etching and a bit of the big, backyard view. There is another art connection to our new home…

Several years ago, and before we purchased the house, I painted the N. River flowing under the bridge to our home. That painting was exhibited at a prestigious, national art show. Little did I know that I would be living there someday.

This looked so impossible but I manifested it anyway. 
I am continually blessed each day to be living amongst nature, wildlife and the river. The house is not the only thing that I have made happen and my friends have noticed. They tell my I’m a very good manifester and I am!

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There is new information here and you won’t hear it anywhere else. It is so simple. Make it work for you!

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Photo credit: left, M’s backyard and Manifesting123 on Pinterest

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