Long Odds on That Favorable Outcome? Talk to Ava

Long Odds on That Favorable Outcome? Talk to Ava

Here’s a simple thought. Do you have wishes or desires? Take Ava’s lead and turn them into goals, then add manifesting and watch what happens.

Ava writes:
I work hard to be the very best mom to my dear daughters.As a single, working mom it isn’t the easiest task and finances are tight, but my daughters and I are a great team. I have taught them about prayer and a higher power and we also work together manifesting. We have created many good things together, some that have made this newsletter in the past.

Here’s our latest story and it is one that we are very proud of.Two years ago I saw a local story about an 18-year-old girl that received a college scholarship. Well, that is exactly the sort of thing I needed for my 14-year-old daughter. I strive to ensure that they get the best education possible and part of that is to look ahead and plan for college acceptance.

That article was just the thing I needed to make a ‘future board’ from that scholarship story.I cut out a photo of my daughter’s face placed it on top of the girl in the newspaper and then I took a marker and wrote in our desired university. Next I crossed out the 18 out and wrote 16, the age we wanted my daughter to receive her scholarship.

I placed it near her study desk and it has remained there for the last 2 years. My daughter is a very good student and I matched her diligence by making sure all of her college entrance materials were properly submitted and put together in the best way possible.

It was just month that I just felt the urge to take the future board down and get a good look at it, so I did. It was nice to hold, a hopeful piece of the future.

Here’s the good part. Just last week we received an important communication from That College.My daughter was selected to receive a scholarship!!  After all of the initial screaming, it hit us that with a goal and hard work we manifested something that most people told us we couldn’t since I home schooled my girls.

We often make the impossible real. We set the goals we desire and go right to work on them. Our focus is on the goal and not the odds. Manifesting has been an important tool for focusing on an idea and bringing it to life. We are so grateful here!


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