What Would You Manifest if You Could?

What Would You Manifest if You Could?

Here is a gentle story about asking for a gift, one of guidance and knowing. We can manifest more than things. Think about those concepts that would be of great benefit to you: wisdom, happiness, calm, love and more. There are no limits but answers can come in many forms.

Davie writes:
When I was in my 30’s, I decided that I wanted an inner guidance to help me be all that I could be and to be of more help to others.I did more than just desire and ask, I tried everything that came along: pendulums, dousing rods, muscle twitching and even listening to my body’s sounds like tummy groans.

I was determined to have a means of really accurate guidance so I continued to ask, seek and learn.Then on an afternoon twenty years later, this guidance clearly came to me but in a most unusual form. I began to feel warm, sweet chills that started in my back, something similar to goosebumps and it was a clear, positive confirmation that I had received a new gift after all these years of asking. Godbumps is the term that best describes them.

This sensation made me feel special and loved. The sensations were so intense I cried with them for weeks off and on. Once I became more accustomed to them, I realized I could use them for guidance. It was just what I had been searching for and two decades later, I am still using them to help me decide what is best for me. If I get the Godbumps while asking about an idea of mine, it is a green light from my soul to put energy into the idea.

Like many of us, I get guidance in other, small ways but those sweet chills are my main guidance.Sometimes I even follow them blindly because it has worked so well for me. I write down all the guidance hits I get in a journal: “Thanks for the Chills,” where those positive confirmations are highlighted.

Since I get a surplus of ideas, I ‘ask’ my guidance which ones to put energy into or even which is my next, best idea to follow.Those Godbumps make all the difference. I have improved my sensitivity to them by changing my environment with incense or music and now I have also learned that raising my hands over my head helps as well.

This all sounds a bit out of the box but this guidance has been a very important part of my life for 20 years now, and has proven time and again to be a very valuable tool.I put my time and energy into the ideas that are confirmed this way.

Something like these chills or goosebumps happen to other people when they listening to music with a lot of heart in it. Others are moved to tears individually or in groups when they are in the presence of that heartfelt something.

My wife gets tingles in the head for her ‘Godbumps’ and we have written a book about this if you are interested. More about it on Amazon


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There is new information here and you won’t hear it anywhere else. It is so simple. Make it work for you!

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Ken Elliott


  1. I just opened my own psychology clinic and it is going well. The next phase of my plan is to manifest the means to buy a horse farm where my 7 rescued horses (and a few more to come) can live peacefully while working therapeutically with humans to bring about greater healing for humans and horses alike.

    • Ken Elliott Says: August 14, 2018 at 4:20 pm

      Hi Ann,
      I am with you on your beautiful intention for the next phase. So far, so good. Congratulations!!!

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