Make it Happen with a Good Business Plan and Manifesting!

Make it Happen with a Good Business Plan and Manifesting!

Bob is a fixture in the Denver art scene as an independent artist that doesn’t need gallery representation to get by. He has work in a prominent Denver museum and is a big supporter of other artists, showing them how to be successful in their careers, each in their own way.

Here is another story showing the simplicity and power of thought when it is coupled with desire, gratitude and common sense.
Thank you, Bob!

Bob Ragland writes:
I have been a successful, self-supporting artist for decades now.It takes a lot of hard work and the dedication not only to be an artist but to also be good on the business side. People don’t get up in the morning saying, “I just have to buy a piece of artwork today,” we have to work to be seen.

I’ve been in some financial fixes before and I have strategy to get through the difficulties.For starters, I always have a number of artworks on hand. I work directly with people and not through galleries so it’s up to me to make things happen.

Not too long ago, I decided I was pretty close to paying off my mortgage, so instead of plodding along until it was paid off, I decided on a plan to make that payoff a reality. It was a combination of good business practices and knowing that my thoughts have the power to make things happen. Here’s what I did.

The amount of money I needed wasn’t that big but it was going to require a lot of sales.I figured the best way to do that was to create some sort of event and make the sales happen in a short amount of time. What to do? Create a powerful intention and get to work on it. I got out a piece of paper and wrote down my thoughts. I know that writing something down crystallizes thought, so I put it to work. From a business point of view, I knew what the numbers needed to be and I made that a part of what I wrote down as well. I am going to make this happen!

Next, I called the Denver Post with the story idea of a long-standing local artist who works out of his home studio.The artist has a large body of work, each with a good story and the artist is not very well-known publicly but widely known in the artist community. He would open his home / studio for short period of time and happily invite people in for an entertaining afternoon of art and conversation.

The day the story came out I got 26 phone calls from people that were intrigued by the article and wanted to drop by.Very quickly there were 17 purchasers of artworks and the proceeds were enough to pay off my mortgage, a happy day!  The whole thing was a resounding success and looking back, it all came from a simple intention and business plan.

The power of thought and common business sense is a powerful thing! Tough times never last, but tough people do.

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There is new information here and you won’t hear it anywhere else. It is so simple. Make it work for you!

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