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I Ditched that Crisis Driven System and then the BIG BREAK Happened. Hello NBC

By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light
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As an artist and author, I have used prayer and manifesting to create some amazing results. Sometime back I used manifesting to create a very nice PR break for my paintings – an article and free ad in a national art magazine. That was just the boost I needed at the time and I was very grateful for the nice break.

Funny what we commonly do after something good like that happens.Did I continue to put out good thoughts for my continued success? Not really. Like most people, we carry on until the next problem presents itself and then we go back into asking mode again. It’s a classic, crisis driven system. We are comfortable at the time and besides, we can take care of everything on our own, right?

Ken is a good friend and I remember our conversation about ‘Planting the Flag,’ a way to add a little extra oomph in manifesting.I could use another PR boost, but this time for my book,  Awakenings from the Light.  In the book, I wrote about surviving a very serious accident, but just barely. I was declared dead for a short time in the hospital and during those minutes I found myself in what you would call Heaven for the equivalent of 2-3 months in that realm. My book is about what happened and what I was taught during my time there. I feel it is my life’s purpose to get that information out to a wider public.

The Planting the Flag idea is to create a future by thinking of it just like it is described in Manifesting 1,2, 3 and you don’t need #3  but with a twist. In order to manifest this idea, one might have to make an investment of time, money or some extra effort. You put a ‘flag’ out there in the future, marking the desired event and instead of saying I can’t do this because, because, you tell yourself in advance that you will do what is required at the time and not get in the way of your goal.

So starting last July, I declared that I would interviewed about my book on a large, national TV program.There are a couple of problems with this, the first being that everyone would like to be interviewed nationally and that line is very long. Also, it is common wisdom in publishing circles that a self-published author like myself is never considered for big broadcast interviews.

I have seen plenty of miracles and manifesting successes so I went the extra mile, saying that if I got that big interview, I would make a donation to a favorite charity and allow more of my time and energy to go wherever  this additional publicity might lead me.In addition, I put out a prayer for the same thing. No angels or guides for this prayer – I went to the top and asked God for it to be done.

Oh, there is one more complication. I learned I was going to be laid off from my steady job in one week. Tick, tick, tick. I had a premonition that the contractor I worked for would not have their contract renewed but I also felt that the next good thing would flow in for me.

With four days of steady employment left I got a phone call from NBC.It was a producer for Megyn Kelly on the Today Show. I didn’t quite get what was happening at first. “You’re a producer for what? NBC?” I asked. It was a real shock to hear what was unfolding but I hung in there and kept saying yes to the interview requirements. They wanted to do a series of interviews with people that had experienced near death as I had.

Wow! This asking and manifesting really works! What are the odds of that happening out of the blue like that? Apparently, I had this new job and there would be much to do.

I called Judy Goodmanfor her always good advice and the media expert Marianne Pestanafor precious pre-interview advice. Then I prepared for the crews to film me at home and later, live in NY with Megyn. Everything I needed fell into place and in a timely way. Interesting that I now had the free time to make it happen.

Here’s the 6 minute, 30 second interview 

What did I learn? Never give up and let God make the difference.I am allowed to pray and we are allowed manifest our heart’s desires. This time I’ll stay with it.

Nancy was a contributor to this newsletter last week, writing about the power of asking for things to come with an Ease and a Grace. Read all about it here.

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Thank you Nancy!

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