A Peek inside the Angelic Lost and Found Office?

A Peek inside the Angelic Lost and Found Office?

J. writes:
I lost the brown box I put my essential oils in.I spent a week looking for it everywhere and I so mean everywhere, repeatedly! Finally, I stopped looking and decided to pray to the angels to have the box returned to me.

I knew the last place I left it was with my car.I was going to carry it out of my car to the juice bar, but my arms were so full with other things I decided to leave it on top of the car and come back for it, but I didn’t. I suspected someone picked it off the top of my car when I was inside, but didn’t want to believe that it was gone. To be certain, I looked and looked in places that it could have been and where it could not have been, but still couldn’t find it.

So after a week of looking and lacking any other options, I made my prayer request and the very next day there it was, sitting by the praying angel statue on an altar I had made for it! I knew the box was never in my bedroom. I was sure of this because I have never taken those oils into that room. It was like the box time traveled, disappearing and reappearing in this obvious place.

I asked Kerry if he had found the box and put it there, but he said that he didn’t know about the box or the essential oils. He was confused, and my saying that it apparently manifested back to me only added to his confusion, but it is only Kerry and I in the house.

But the box and oils did come back somehow and of all the places for it to show up, in my bedroom, right beside my praying angel.Don’t forget, I had already looked for a week and it was never in my bedroom.

When I did first see it, I was a bit shocked but I instantly knew it had been manifested. You couldn’t fail to see it sitting there. Interestingly, a number of my essential oils were missing out of the box, so I knew someone had handled it, but I got the box and bulk of the oils back anyway.

Then I remembered something important: In my prayer I requested that the pretty flower box of oils be returned to me even if some of the oils are missing.I got exactly what I asked for. The next time something goes missing I will request that it comes back to me in its complete form.

I feel the angels were trying to teach me something and show me the power of prayer and manifestation.I am in awe over this experience and grateful for the amazing demonstration of what is possible. I was shown that there are no limits. Just ask and manifest!

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