What Dreams are Made Of – Build Yours Now!

What Dreams are Made Of – Build Yours Now!

What is Manifesting? It is repeated intention, layer upon layer, that actually builds reality.  Start young or later, but begin creating your dream. In this story, someone starts with a singular idea, to be an architect, and with dedication, work and adherence to that goal…

Well, you will see. Thank you, L. for this story. You and your husband get a lot of credit for being the observant and supportive parents here as well.

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Hi Ken,
A couple of months ago I spent a Saturday at your home and you gifted me with a signed copy of Manifesting 123 in exchange for a manifesting story. Thank you so much! I love the practicality and common-sense approach of your book and the fact that it has no hidden information like some of the other books on this subject do. It is very straightforward and easy to apply, if of course, one chooses to make it part of their life.

My oldest son C. came into this world with talents beyond his age.When he was a very young child he would sit and draw for hours (mostly floor plans). I signed him up for an art class when he was just 4 years old and he quickly flourished.

Every year at Christmas my husband and I would purchase an intricate Lego set for our 2 boys and on Christmas morning they and their dad would build it together. When they were older and in school full time, I decided to go back to school for interior design. One evening I was drafting a floor plan as part of my homework. It was a long and tedious assignment and I finally announced I had finished. My son came over to inspect my drawing and  announced (at the ripe age of eight) that I had missed a crucial line that created the corner of the room. He was 100% correct.

The years went by and it became C’s turn to go off to college. He had been announcing from a VERY young age  that he wanted to become an architect and his father and I both encouraged him to follow his dream. C. was raised with a mom that is very open to spirituality and the power of thoughts and she encouraged her children to go for their dreams, whatever they were. The school of Architecture carries the second highest work load in the school behind Microbiology and C. spent many sleepless nights perfecting his craft. I am proud to say he graduated with honors. This is where the story gets good.

While C. was studying architecture, he discovered an internationally recognized firm in Seattle, WA that he felt was very prestigious and exactly where he wanted to work.This architecture firm was highly acclaimed and very selective with who they hired and selected for internships. It would not be an easy task, so after graduating with his architecture degree, he began the long and laborious task of creating an impeccable portfolio. It would be directed strictly to this particular firm for the purpose of being chosen as an intern.

He sent it to the company and let it go to the universe.This was his choice, he had worked hard for it and it was a constant goal for him. Remarkably, it was the only firm he applied to.

A couple of months later he received a call from the firm requesting an interview for their internship program.The interview went perfectly and he was invited to join the firm for three months. But where would he find a place to rent in Seattle for just three months when most leases are for a year?

Everything continued to flow and all that was required to support his move to Seattle began to unfold.About a week after the Seattle invitation, he received a call from one of his ex-college roommates that happened to work for this same firm. He heard about my son’s offer and had one of his own.

The friend needed someone to take over the remainder of his three-month lease in Seattle! He was leaving the company to pursue a dream of walking the Pacific Coast Trail and had already signed up for it. The apartment was fully furnished, had one bedroom, a much-valued space to park his car and a spectacular view that looked down upon the Seattle skyline, including the iconic Space Needle & Mt. Rainier, it was just minutes from the firm and completely affordable. It was a miraculous offer and happily accepted!

The universe had opened up every single door he needed to pursue his dream.In a little less than two months into his internship he was offered a highly coveted full-time position with the company. Since then he has worked on many different projects since and achieved the task of a competed CD (construction drawing) set at the age of 25. Later he completed a full project with just a supervisor above him, an undertaking many do not complete until their late thirties or early forties.

He remains at the firm nearly five years later, and continues to “defy the odds.”

How is that for a manifesting story?


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