Go For it Anyway!

Go For it Anyway!

I’ll never forget this. I was attending college in Philadelphia. I was a total theater addict, saving my meal money to go to New York and see as many plays as I could afford. It was the winter of 1969 and Henry Fonda was acting in a Thornton Wilder, Pulitzer Prize winning play, Our Town. My cousin and his wife lived in NY, and I talked them into joining me. Of course, the play was spectacular with many well-known actors. Henry Fonda was one of the most famous actors in the world at the time.

When the play was over, I told my cousins that I was going backstage to meet Mr. Fonda.They laughed lovingly at me and told me I’d never get in. Because getting through the stage door to meet Henry Fonda was from the world of the impossible, they didn’t entertain the idea of getting in, nor would they embarrass themselves by being turned away.

They told me there was no way to get backstage but I said confidently, “I will!” and that was that.We walked out of the theater and I headed for the stage door on the street. The stage door manager stood guard over the door, and his job was to keep people out unless they had a good reason to enter. He was guarding the singular entry and exit door for all of the stage workers and actors.

Seeing him standing there was intriguing but not intimidating. There was a stage manager part in the play.The stage manager role was both a character and narrator, a pivotal part in the play, acting, explaining and threading the story as it developed. This real manager guarding the street entrance took on even more importance. He was THE gatekeeper to Mr. Fonda.

I went up to him and told him I wanted to see Mr. Fonda. Perhaps I said I had come up from Philadelphia and reviewed theater there for my college. Without hesitation, he simply said, “Just a moment,” and without any other information from me, he went inside. He returned and told me to follow him. My cousin and wife were incredulous as I disappeared behind the heavy, metal door that closed with a theatrical boom!

Broadway theater back stages are dense warrens of little rooms and zigging hallways.All is poorly lit, cluttered and badly painted, but it is how Broadway happens, and I was thrilled to be in the maze, moving forward. Finally, we ended up at Mr. Fonda’s dressing room door and he kindly greeted me.

We had a conversation about the play, his role and career. I remember that he was dignified and polite to me, even signing my Playbill. He asked if I would like to meet some of the other actors and then introduced me to half a dozen members of the cast. I warmly thanked him for meeting me and exited stage left. I floated all the way home, holding my precious souvenir and enjoying the incredulity of my cousins who emphasized, “That kind of thing just doesn’t happen.” They were from the world of “cannot”.” and I am from the world of “can too”!

A few years passed and I did some acting professionally.After that, I interviewed well-known people as a columnist. I always loved knowing more about other people’s lives and sharing those gems with readers. As for me, I knew that I could use the power of intention to make things happen, a power I still use today.

I feel that if you have a good motive and are highly focused on the outcome, it increases your chances of success, although it may be slightly different than you envisioned.It seems that our good intentions get transmitted all the way down the ‘channel,’ making the gatekeepers we encounter more inclined to allow us entry.

Did you ever think that the strong desires of our hearts are not random?That some of those urges are a path we are destined to follow? Ask and find out!

I like M’s point about good motives and focus. It was up to her to ask permission and risk rejection, but she went forward and it worked. Let’s follow her example, get Manifesting 1,2,3and begin imagining and planning what you desire!

Play info from the 1969 performance

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Photo credit: Playbill stage door guide, and Manifesting123 on Pinterest

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