I Hit the Lowest Low. Then I Took Charge and My Manifesting Changed Everything

I Hit the Lowest Low. Then I Took Charge and My Manifesting Changed Everything

Your thoughts are constantly creating all around you. Want to make a change in your life? Follow this mother’s beautiful example for creating positive changes.

Hi Ken,
This is the story of my first BIG manifestation but before that happened, there were some serious difficulties. It began in the summer of 1990 when my bad marriage ended in divorce and I had to relinquish custody of my 3 year-old. Further, my 2 older children from a previous marriage were abducted by their non-custodial, biological father and hidden away in Los Angeles.

I lost all my children in a matter of days.

I was in a pit so deep that I could not stop crying, not even to work, so I lost my job and was unemployable for a while but I resumed work early in 1991. In December of that year, I recovered my two older children, Rebecca and Steven. It dawned on me that if something happened to me, they’d be sent to their Dad, an unthinkable outcome.

I decided to move to Texas, where my family could protect them. I needed permanent, affordable, and safe housing but that December I had an $8 an hour job, no savings, an older vehicle and 2 kids to support. In other words, had no idea as to “how” to move and buy a house but I’d read plenty on creative visualization and manifesting, so went to work on it.

The Manifesting
I set a moving date 3 months out, to March 1st, and I visualized a safe home for my children, in a neighborhood free of juvenile delinquents, with each happy child in their own room, and a yard with space to explore the outdoors. Because visualization without action is just daydreaming, the kids and I talked about the move to Texas and what we wanted. We began the action of physically moving in advance by collecting some boxes and packing a few things.

I was counting down the days and we continued our manifesting with the March 1 target. Thankfully, I caught a break, I secured a job in Texas and it made the March 1 move possible!

March 1
My wonderful co-workers all came to help, packing and loading the U-haul and in tow behind was the better, used car I was able to purchase 2 weeks before. We arrived in rural East Texas late that night and in the morning, I assessed what I had. My assets were a $2500 tax return and the promise of employment. My liabilities included being a new resident with 2 kids and a car payment. My family laughed when I told them I intended to buy a house.

March 2
Looked at a number of properties in my price range and they were deplorable, but I wasn’t discouraged.

March 3
I came across a land company that had a repo house on Lake Tawakoni nearby. It was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, garage, corner lot just off the water and in a private neighborhood of only 15 houses. It had been vacant 4 years, no vandalism, no children in the neighborhood and no rentals nearby. These were all custom-built homes along the lakeside with 20 acres of open fields between the houses and the road.

The house I was looking at was just a frame home on a concrete slab, built by an electrician. It was barely finished, 8 years old and currently occupied by spiders and dust. The price? $27,500, so I went for it! Since I was a new resident, it would take 6 months to establish residency before I could take out a loan to purchase the house. It was a blessing to rent first because they had to repair the central air and the 9 breaks in a water pipe. In just 36 hours after we arrived, we had our dream home.

In October of 1992, I was able to get a loan on the house with no down payment and a comfortable monthly payment of $235 a month. I lived there for 20 years, until I moved to Aurora in 2011 to be with my daughter, Rebecca.

My manifesting practices overcame some very large obstacles and I am so very grateful. I know manifesting works because what appeared magical, was the script of my making.


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Ken Elliott


  1. That is so surreal and encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

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