What is the Difference Between a Big Miracle and a Small One?

What is the Difference Between a Big Miracle and a Small One?

Throughout the year there have been weekly stories from readers describing how they purposely asked for help. It may have been a prayer or direct manifesting, but the common thread was that their asking produced a happy result.

What is interesting is that the result often came in an unexpected way and frequently, better than what was asked for.

Martin’s story is a textbook example of how these things come about. His experience may look like a “small” story, even trivial compared to many others that have appeared in this newsletter, but if you take a closer look at the patterns, a truth emerges.

Our manifesting is unlimited. How high a skyscraper?

Are prayers limited in some way? Is another miracle required for us to understand?
Then to the question, what is the difference between a Big Miracle and a Small One?
Nothing. Something handy to keep in mind.
Thank you for your Big story Martin!

Martin writes:
This is just a funny story. I started doing the manifestation visualizations and especially Thankfulness work as you described in the book before going to bed. It was a success! I manifested the money to buy my new skis. That worked out well, so I decided to manifest something else.

It wasn’t a big thing but I really needed one new coffee machine for my office. After a week of visualization, an interesting circumstance made it possible. One of my friends was giving away her brand new coffee machine that she didn’t like, but it was absolutely perfect for one of my offices.  I loved the way that quickly worked out for free!

Then other synchronicity popped up in the form of an older coffee machine in the back of a different office closet. Did we need a second coffee maker in the other office? Why yes, and apparently, when I put in a little request, it just seemed to appear. Nice – two perfectly good coffee makers for both offices, free for the asking.

Thanks for the simple and fun technique. It really it works. Now sky is the limit. Just see it and be thankful, and I am!

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