My Heart Was Breaking. Would Help Come?

My Heart Was Breaking. Would Help Come?

I am 78 years old and have been manifesting many things in my life. I am still in shock of how my story unfolded last Tuesday. Let me share it with you.

I have had many golden retrievers in my life. I lost one last January so when my other retriever, Summer, began getting seriously sick, it was a really hard thing to deal with. Summer was my deceased husband Duane’s and my anniversary gift to ourselves, so she was my last tie to him.

Summer had not been doing well so I took her to the vet the day before and got the bad news that she had cancer. The next morning, Summer was even sicker and I was definitely not up to driving clear across town to the vet again. Summer was extremely sick and I had spent many sleepless nights prior, completely exhausting me. As sad as it was, today was the day to put Summer down and relieve her of her misery. I tried to get a vet service to come to the house to put her down here at home, but they were booked until late at night and the charge would be $400 to do it in-home. I told the service that Summer was in too much pain to wait that long.

Days earlier, and during Summer’s lingering illness, I began asking Duane to help me with this. I firmly believe people are in spirit are around us and can provide help. I have had so many good results this way that I am convinced these things do happen. Today was the day I needed help quickly, so that morning I asked Duane again for help and started to use prayer and manifesting as well.

While sitting at the kitchen table, I began praying for an answer. I also began manifesting, by visualizing being driven across town in my car. I also posted a plea on Facebook and through a chain of events that morning, the lady I bought Summer from as a pup saw my post about my desire to get to the vet that day and she quickly left me a message to call her. This lady lives in another town but she told me that she had asked her friend Kim, who lived close by, if she could come to my house and help me.

Kim came over within 30 minutes. She helped me with Summer and drove us both to the vet in my car and stayed with me through the heart-aching ordeal of putting Summer down. I had never met this lady before and I am still in amazement at how everything came together so quickly and how she took care of us. She was just what I had wished for. I have no family around to help me, my husband passed away over 6 years ago and my kids live out of state.

It was mostly visualization I used to manifest her help as well as just saying out loud through my tears, again and again, help me.

Kim is a professional photographer here in town and in addition to her good help that day, she received my permission to take the last photos of Summer and I together, something I am so very grateful for.

Nancy and Summer

Since all this happened, Kim and I have become great friends. She has brought me many gifts and toys for my remaining Golden retriever, Chance, who has been showing signs of depression. She also brought me a book on dogs and a beautiful Christmas wreath for my door. She has helped Chance tremendously and Kim now texts me throughout the day to make sure I am ok, a true angel.

This is Chance with the toy that Kim brought

I really don’t remember how I came across Manifesting 123 and you don’t need #3 for my iPad, I just know that when I saw it, I thought it was great that you were getting the message out about manifesting, something I have done a lot of over the years.

Please allow me to mention that Kim is the owner of Kim Cormier Photography, here in Greeley, CO. She is a great photographer and a very good person to know.

Thank you,


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Photo credit: Kim Cormier Photography and Manifesting123 on Pinterest

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