Believe it. Live it. Be Whatever Your Dream Is.

Believe it. Live it. Be Whatever Your Dream Is.

With the new year approaching it is inspiring to consider the idea of creating what you truly desire in your life from a clean slate. It that possible? Of course, and V’s story has much to offer in that regard, setback, success, wisdom and heart. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Happy Holidays!

V. writes:
My husband received a great job offer out of state, so we rented a place in the new location and did all that is required for “empty nesters.” This new location has a much higher cost of living and while this was going to be a new adventure for both of us, we were scared about trying to afford this change. We were excited about the move. But in the process, I learned a valuable lesson.

Manifesting means intention and one should always have a clear idea of what they are intending and FEAR is probably the most destructive feeling in the human condition.

As a fine artist, I knew that my new location would offer me many opportunities to sell my art.I wanted to meet new people and work “part time” in a related field of expertise. Bringing in more income would help offset the higher cost of living in our new location. Of course, I manifested a job and made friends quickly. I literally started the job the day after the moving truck left, leaving little time to unpack and settle in.

The job I thought was “part time” turned out to be full time and I quickly became exhausted and unproductive in my other priorities. I knew my manifesting worked but because I was too specific on the getting the “job” part, I left little room for anything else. I realized very quickly that the job was not what I had expected and required much more time than I was willing or able to give. It was full time and included weekends which left little time for “adventuring” with my husband or creating my new art series. I was also AFRAID to admit to my boss that I had over committed my schedule.

I called Ken and told him what happened.We laughed about my situation because we realized that I had manifested a “job” but I wasn’t clear about what I wanted that job to be. I rushed into something that wasn’t the right fit, so I had to adjust. I liked my coworkers and enjoyed the work but now I needed to manifest a more flexible schedule without weekends. I had become trapped and I couldn’t find a way out of the situation. I was worried that I would appear a total loser after spending months communicating with my perspective boss and convincing him to hire me.

If I wanted to truly be happy and fix “my schedule, I had to be very clear about what I wanted and why.I also learned to manifest what was truly for my highest good and to live in a perpetual state of gratitude and self-love. I also had to stop being afraid of the higher cost of living in our new location. Oh, and about that job, Ken suggested going higher  by manifesting a fulfilling career that I would love.

It was FEAR that had affected my manifestation. In order to fix this, I had to raise my thoughts to a higher level and overcome the emotions of FEAR. I first thought about the reason I wanted the job and what I liked about it, then I decided to always project a positive image when I was there.

I arrived early each day with a smile on my face.When they asked everyone to participate in a corporate fundraiser, I volunteered and stepped up to help. My efforts were noticed and validated. If they needed me to stay late I did. I made myself valuable to the company and I was reliable and easy to work with. In time, I realized that I was good at this job and gained the self-confidence to move forward without FEAR.

That said I finally went to my boss and explained my situation.He was very understanding, compassionate and helped me to create a realistic schedule. Now my schedule is more balanced. I have the “part time” schedule at work, time to work on my personal art business and time for adventuring with my husband. The day I spoke to my boss and we reorganized my schedule, I got an email that my art work was being represented in a national catalogue and I also had been contacted to possibly teach my medium to university level students!

All of this didn’t just come out of thin air but it was a lot of hard work and clear intention with my manifesting.

For our new place, we were looking to purchase some additional furniture pieces. The day after I spoke to my boss and got all of this great news about my art, I also was able to score two furniture pieces at tremendous discount for our new location. Things were coming together quickly!

Here are some of the valuable tools I learned about this process:

  • Learn from mistakes rather than punish yourself.
  • Don’t focus on what you don’t want, but on what you have and how you can improve it. This involves a lot of self awareness including, forgiveness, permission and self love.
  • The universe is full of abundance that comes in all sorts of ways.

I had heard this great phrase, fear is “false evidence appearing real.”  Fear can be a huge obstacle in manifesting the highest good for yourself. It creates Chaos in your energy field. It clogs your energy pores. Don’t let fear stand in the way of what you truly want. GREED is another word for FEAR and don’t fall for it.

Realize that you can’t fix other people or their problems  but you can help others when you fix yourself and project positive energy. Our job is to live to our fullest potential. Nothing is out of reach if you are truly clear about what you want and why.

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