Love Transcends, Love Seeks

Love Transcends, Love Seeks

This story is from Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton, an extremely gifted woman with the ability to communicate with the deceased. She is a dear friend and over the years I have seen how she has touched many lives, helping and reassuring people grieving for a loved one. Here is one of her recent stories. Thank you, Lynn.

Lynn writes:
I was at the hair salon seated next to a woman dressed in black. As I waited my turn, my attention was drawn to a personage in spirit that was standing nearby, her deceased son. I couldn’t see him with my physical eyes, but I clearly had the impression of him in my mind.

As a psychic medium, I am very accustomed to having deceased relatives making themselves known to me. These spirits can detect my ability to communicate with them and they come forward in the hope that I will relay information to their loved ones.

Her son was giving me the number 21 and with that, I decided to open up a conversation with the woman next to me. We made a bit of small talk and then I asked the woman in black if she had had a recent loss of someone she loved. She said she did. “Your son?” I asked? She said yes and I asked if he 21 when he passed and she said he was.

She rolled up her sleeve, exposing a tattoo on her forearm.  She explained to me that she would not consider having a tattoo before her son’s death but now his name was written on her arm in Arabic. As a Muslim, her belief is that it is an insult to God to have anything permanently done to one’s body. I later learned that tattoos, piercing, even plastic surgery procedures are forbidden, but pain relief and lifesaving procedures are acceptable. After a few more words, I gave her my business card before parting.

Two weeks later, woman from the salon came to one of my speaking events. I would be using my gift to pass on messages from those in spirit to individuals in the audience. She came up to me and said that I had changed her life. I could see that she was happier and her colorful clothing matched her lighter mood.

She said, “Because of you, I now know that my son is around me and that he is ok. I also smile a lot more.” With that, we are all smiles.
Lynn’s webste

Lynn and I talked further and she told me that it is not unusual for people that have lost someone they love to carry a memento of that person. On numerous occasions, those in spirit have pointed these items out to Lynn and she uses the information as a confirmation for the living relative. We both agreed that  keeping these momentos is much like a wish, a continual act of manifestation to honor and to perhaps have contact with the deceased. A tattoo is a strong and continual reminder of those intentions and it is infused with the power of love.
We later learned, and this is a very simplified explanation, that in the Muslim faith the followers believe that after death there is no communication between the deceased and the physical world, communications are completely severed. As it is in most religious beliefs, there is always the caution against spirits pretending to be the dead relative or friend.
The woman in black said her life had been changed by the chance encounter with Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton and she is walking into the New Year  with her son’s name on her arm in a happier, loving and more colorful way. 
Happy New Year to you and it is my sincere hope is that all of your good intentions be done in love and with an ease and a grace.

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