Tasty Gift! The Secret of How Manifesting 1,2,3 Works and Overcoming Worry!

Tasty Gift! The Secret of How Manifesting 1,2,3 Works and Overcoming Worry!

Let’s get a jump on the New Year with this Big Picture plan of Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 and how it has simply worked for thousands of readers. 

Start Here:
Your thoughts are actually taking form as you think them. It is fully described in the book and you can hear me discuss it all in my video and audio interviews for free.

Repeat a thought, positive or negative, and it will begin to form in the non-physical realm much like a wisp of vapor. This is a Very Important piece of information that has finally been revealed in the book. The more we repeat that thought, the more the wispy form solidifies in the spirit ream, and when it becomes more solid and 3-D, it will eventually merge into our physical world as a solid object or concept. This is how thoughts, positive or negative, create form.

Add gratitude-love or worry-fear to any thought and it will more powerfully and efficiently take form. When you are creating positive scenarios, add “I am grateful” after each idea. Negative thoughts are loaded with fear already and should be avoided because they are just as powerful as the positive ones. More on how to deal with fear in a bit.

There is more:
Amazingly, your thoughts can create future outcomes. It’s true! 
So knowing that our thoughts can create the future, use this wonderful gift and create a future where you are perfectly healthy, living comfortably without financial concerns and fulfilled in your life’s purpose.

There are thousands of ways for your positive results to manifest so keep the detail to a minimum. Your positive thoughts will begin creating changes and typically, the outcomes are better than you could have imagined. Our views of the possibilities are very limited, so keep the good options open!

Note that sometimes we will experience changes that seem to be ‘bad’ outcomes. Once begin creating, some of the limiting or unhappy things that cause unhappiness may be moved aside. We sometimes have to leave the uncomfortable position so we can reach the fulfilling one. As an example, we may loose the job that currently provides security but leaves us unhappy. If someone begins manifesting that perfect career, then losing the present job is a very efficient means of getting the negatives out of the way so the better one can come forward! The final result is a good one.

Our thoughts create literally, and they begin to take form as we think them. In the book I wrote about how I sent numerous objects in thought 2000 miles away to the very gifted Judy Goodman and she watched them materialize in the spirit realm as I was thinking them! If I stayed with those thoughts over time, they would eventually manifest into the physical realm. This is what our thoughts do.

Here is what makes Manifesting 123 unique: It simply explains for the first time, How Thought Works. This is truly a Key to the Kingdom.

Be smart and efficient with this great gift. Don’t try to manifest all the little things you think are necessary to make it all come to pass. Simply manifest the larger outcomes for  your happy future.

Imagine yourself in your very own movie in different scenes, using details to move around in your future scenarios. Observe that all that you have desired has already happened. Or, simply imagine you are in your future, sitting in your cozy chair at the end of the day, observing without detail that all you have desired is now a part of your life – all is well.

Don’t forget to express your gratitude in each scene. The positive gratitude-love will magnify the power of your thoughts. Love is the strong force and your thoughts create the targets. This is how your thoughts will build the positive life you desire.

I’m sorry about those stresses, I know what they feel like and we all hit that spot sometimes, so here is what you can do to offset your present worries: Take action on those concerns. Make a list of possible things you can do to solve those worrisome problems and follow through with whatever phone calls, appointments, etc it may take to solve them. Just try. It will reduce the worry somewhat because you are doing all you can. These are positive actions and they help to move us from helplessness to a place where more solutions are possible. Don’t forget, your prayers and manifesting efforts are on the job, so do your part to bring in the positive solutions. Your thoughts can create anything, so go with the positive ones, please!

Dealing with worry / fear is a short chapter in the book but a very important one! Don’t have the book? Here is more information on handling worry and fear from Manifesting 123 website story archive.

You still have more tools.
There is prayer and I would offer that you ask for your best and highest good be done. Also, request to have your worries solved with an Ease and a Grace. Please ask and bring in all the help that is available to you.

Here’s another.
When you have overwhelming anxiety, ask that this anxiety be reduced in 12 seconds. Don’t sit and wait for it to kick in – get back to work. There is great power in requesting this. You are asking for a reduction, not a miracle, but a bit of quick help. Many have experienced amazing outcomes with this phrase.

By all means, take the advice of Judy Goodman who is much-mentioned in Manifesting 123 and who can see how your thoughts create in real-time. She recommends that each morning, before your feet hit the ground, say Seven Grateful Things. Of course you can do this anytime of day, but this routine assures that gratitude is a priority and your first pleasant task. Just make note of grateful things, large and small, past and present. It clears the way for more good things to come to you.

I’m behind your marvelous intentions and hope that you have all the joy, happiness and comfort your heart can hold. Have a Happy Big, Bold, New Year!

Go to the Interviews Page to see and hear Ken talking about Manifesting 123 and you don’t need #3. There is new information here and you won’t hear it anywhere else. It is so simple. Make it work for you!

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