Manifesting: Sometimes You Just Can’t Miss the Message

Manifesting: Sometimes You Just Can’t Miss the Message

Here’s my own interesting story from a couple of weeks ago.

A few years back I met a couple that bought some of my oil paintings, one being a large commission. During the creation of the commission, I was often in touch with the husband and we developed a great rapport. Once the commission was completed, the couple invited me over to see my artworks hanging there. They are a wonderful couple with two darling, young kids and I really enjoyed my time with them.

A year or so later, I made a point to call them when I was in town and we had a lunch together. The husband, K. and I always clicked, talking about his corporate executive work and my painting. In the couple of years going forward, we would irregularly call and catch up.

Last week, I was back in K’s city and I made a point to let him know I would try to make a time to meet. It was going to be difficult for me because my reason to be there was to join Judy Goodmanand spend time with our dear friend J., who hasn’t been doing well lately. He is over 80 years old and it seemed to be the right time for Judy and I to fly in and see him. Some of you may have heard of Judy, she is central to Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3. A couple of days into our visit, I realized that I would not have the time to see K. and called with my regrets.

It was the last evening we would see J. and his family arranged a dinner together with Judy and I. We all enjoyed each other’s company and every heart was open in love and in respect for our time together.

After dinner, we were all helping to clean and put away things and I decided to take the garbage out to the side of the house. J’s daughter came out behind me with another bag and asked if I would help roll the large garbage container to the street, since garbage day was the next morning. Of course I would help, and after rolling it to the edge of the driveway, we both walked back inside the house.

Then the oddest thing happened. Once inside, I got a text from my friend K. He asked me if I had just taken the garbage out. Whatttt? He lived in another part of town. How could he know that? I texted back that yes, I did, so how did he know? As it turns out, K. and his family had just purchased a home on J’s street and they were just a few doors down. K. was out walking his dog and saw me but he wasn’t sure it was me in the dark, so he texted when I went back inside.

After the shock, it was arranged for K. to walk back over and we all met on the sidewalk for a quick chat. It seemed obvious to K. and I that we needed to stay in closer touch for some reason and after our puzzlement and some laughs we agreed to do so.

In the manifesting plan that I do every day, one of the things I say is, “I am in my future, and in my future, I meet wonderful people, see and experience marvelous things and places, and I don’t have to worry about the time away or the money to get there.” I also manifest perfectly synchronized time, A BIG tool. More about that here.

It seems that both manifestations came to be that night and I am looking forward to what more will be coming from the magical meetings that evening, first with J. and his family and later on the street with K. 

Our thoughts are constantly building what we think, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, large or small.It’s early in the year, but it is always time to start. So what would you like to build for yourself?


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