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Jul 2016

Can You Create What You Desire? Are You Worthy?

I have a lot of conversations with people on the subject of manifesting and there are some common themes. Surprisingly, a large number of people aren’t really sure of how they would like their lives to be. We get so busy we don’t leave time to really consider what we would like our future to be. We don’t make it a priority. Here’s an idea...

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Apr 2020

A Remarkable Time and an Opportunity to Choose

We are in an unprecedented, global event that affects everyone. I like what a friend said the other day, “We have been sent to our rooms.”  Let’s keep it simple and consider the possibility that there are two foundational forces in the Universe: Love or Fear. Pick the side you want to be on and go forward. Take care of yourself and you will then...

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Jan 2017

2016 Best Stories: Let’s Go Beyond the Usual New Year’s Resolutions and Manifest Good Things Starting Now!

Now that we have seen all of the reminders about New Year’s resolutions, let’s get down to the real business of making things happen. Here’s a more powerful idea that is simple, true and just takes minutes a day. No more wishing and hopoing this year. Let’s take action! If you knew that your thoughts could create anything, what would you attempt? Or to say it...

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