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Your book is the best I have read, and I do read this subject. Simple, covers all the bases with humour and clarity. Great job! Great resource and I thought I was ‘done’–not quite it seems, so thanks.

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED everything you had to say. As always, I enjoyed your humor and wit. I found myself giggling out loud… I have already begun to write the script for “my movie.” You said to me, “What do YOU want?” I realized I am always wishing for others. So I started putting little notes together last evening. This morning my husband and I had a good laugh over the items I thought I wanted. After reading further, I got more serious—and more careful about my wording. I get it!


Ken’s book is simple, to the point and, compared to others I have read, the easiest manifesting book to use. He took me on an elegant, successful journey.

Jan D.publisher, artist

I LOVED your talk and am so amazed and inspired by the miracles you make everyday!! I am SO VERY excited to read your book and tell the world about it!


Ken is an engaging, personable speaker with terrific stories that illustrate just how simple and straightforward it is to create. Do not miss him when he speaks. Invest in your life, please. Buy Ken’s book.


I have known about visualizing our way to a higher, improved and happier life, but I was never very good and would just give up on it after a short time. Then Ken Elliott taught me his Manifesting 1,2,3! Ken makes it easy. You stick with it and magic happens! You won’t believe the results!

Kerry M.business owner

Manifesting 1,2,3 has worked like nothing else I’ve tried before. My “movies” and my life are getting better and better. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to you for bringing Manifesting 1,2,3 into being.


The Author reached out personally and signed the book to me too! I’ve read about a third of the book so far and my first wish came true! Keep wishing and manifesting!

Ken ~ amazing book ~ right on the mark! It is so easy and it works! FAST! Everyone needs to read and practice this method.

It is AMAZING how this works. I’m on Day 7, and I cannot believe how many things have just…..manifested. Everything from a stack of checks on my desk to 16 almost free journals to decorate for the holidays. The important part is the… AND I AM SO GRATEFUL!


I’ve had the pleasure of hearing him speak and demonstrate the power of manifesting, so if you have a chance to take a class, is like getting ‘it’ instantly.

Ken speaks of his experiences in a way anyone can understand. He has some great ideas I haven’t heard of before and wonderful information to keep in mind every day.

A clear, simple book about creating your beautiful future. This is a book of hope. Thank you Ken for this vision.


I have purchased several manifesting programs and books. I certainly appreciate the efforts of those authors. There just seems to be a missing piece of the puzzle. The information I gleaned from your website and listening to one of your media appearances simplified the manifesting process and made a connection with me.

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