After Surgery, I Have to Find a New Home in Only Six Weeks. Will Manifesting Really Work?

After Surgery, I Have to Find a New Home in Only Six Weeks. Will Manifesting Really Work?

S. writes:
After returning home to recuperate from cancer surgery, my landlady knocked on my door one morning and announced that I had 6 weeks to vacate the little cottage I had lived in for 13 years. What a shock. She was firm in her decision because her son was moving in to live near her. Before moving on with my story, I should add that I did fully recover from my surgery, Grateful!

To say the least, I was freaked out. Finding a rental in the Napa Valley was truly a difficult challenge. However, I made it an 8 hour per day job to look, ask and network to find a place to live that was in my price range. I had compiled a binder of all possibilities.

Ken had told me about his book Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 and so I made a vision board. On it were several things on my “wish list” including that it be in St. Helena or the upper part of the Napa Valley where I’ve lived for 25 years. On this board was a photo of a place that was under construction named Magnolia Oaks, a housing development that had affordable apartments included but it wasn’t open yet.

After 6 weeks, I hadn’t found a place to live that would be permanent. A friend had offered her late mother’s house me as a last resort, which was still furnished and vacant. She and her sister would rent it to me while I continued my search, but it was made very clear that it was temporary.

So I packed up my little cottage and moved everything but my clothes into the garage of that house. With no phone service or internet for 2 weeks (thank you phone company that shall go un-named!), I continued my search from the local coffee shop where I could get internet and cell phone service.

There were many challenging days during those 2 months of searching. I kept visualizing a clean, safe home that I could afford. As I did so, I kept touch with the Magnolia Oaks project, but got no encouragement. They still had to comply with lots of City regulations before they could begin accepting new residents.

Reluctantly, I put down a deposit on an apartment in Napa in an old apartment complex. It was not very clean, needed painting and had some strange people living there. It was the only thing I could find. It felt creepy.

One day I was in St. Helena and had this strong impulse to drive by Magnolia Oaks. There was the rental agent and he was just opening the new apartments to be rented! He remembered me and offered me a place. In order to qualify, I had to have lived in St. Helena for 20 + years (yes), be a senior (yes), and be able to pay the rent. YES! So, I went back to the Napa apartments and got my deposit back and was able to move. It was a brand new, clean, safe and pretty apartment and I felt at home!

It took everything I had to stay positive and hopeful. This was such an example of what Ken teaches. I was very grateful. One of the important lessons in this for me was to stay open, grateful and keep the faith through visualization. Often I was tempted to let fear take over and cloud my vision, but I did not.


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