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Ken Elliott tackles the art of manifesting with a touch of humor and down-to-earth common sense. Read this book, practice the techniques and live the life you could only imagine.

William Buhlmanauthor of Adventures Beyond the Body

This is brilliant! Ken not only learned about manifesting, he changed his own life using the techniques you will learn here. The simple and profound gift of this book could only come from a masterful ability to teach what took him many years to learn. Begin changing your life today.

Judy GoodmanCPC, CSRC, CRC

Thru life’s journey, we come upon special people who greatly impact our lives. Ken Elliot is one of those extraordinarily gifted individuals. His insight and vision contained in his book will change your life forever.

Lynn Van Praagh – Gratton

Ken Elliott’s book on manifesting is the best one I’ve ever read on the subject, and I’ve read a great many through the decades. As a retired clinical psychologist, I can vouch for the validity of his approach. Ken’s book is extremely readable, simple to understand, very personal and actually fun to read. He is convincing because it has worked for him and now for countless others. What an worthwhile investment! I can guarantee that you will be gratified and delighted with the results you will achieve. I suggest you get a copy for yourself and as gifts for your family members and friends, whether you think they believe in the results that the book promises or not. It does work and the techniques are simple. Ken shows readers how to use the power of their minds to accomplish their goals, which for many seemed impossible. Could we call this, “The Impossible Dream Technique?” However, I prefer his title. It says it all.

To read what people have reported after they had bought the book and applied the techniques and what they had achieved using his techniques is very inspiring, amazing and rewarding.

Edith Fiore, Ph.D.Author of the newly published Mistress of the Two Lands: A Novel of the Female Pharaoh

An excellent and game-changing addition to the literature on manifesting. Not just another manifesting book with many different techniques, but the author describes a new discovery: how our thoughts take form in real time. Manifesting 123 has powerful information, and is very easy to read and understand. The author gets right to the point and gives the reader an easy-to-implement routine for bringing what he or she desires into reality and greatly diminishing those fears. The methods are very easy to put into practice and I have already had success with changing my life for the better. M123 makes so much sense, and, best of all, it works!

Nancy Rynesauthor of Awakenings From the Light

Wow! Who knew that getting the life you want (and deserve) would be so easy? Ken spells it out so simply that anyone – no excuses – can make it happen.

Susan B.retired manager

I’ve read hundreds of books on manifesting and really didn’t think another would have anything of value in it. I was wrong! Ken speaks of his experiences in a way anyone can understand it. He has some great ideas I haven’t heard of before and wonderful information to keep in mind in during your everyday experiences. A wonderful book of great wisdom!


The closest thing to a magic wand you will ever get! Through this insightful and EASY book I have manifested a perfect location for my workshops, great parking places, more clientele for my business and more money. Ken’s method is so simple and fun. It helps one to embody the most important quality for manifesting anything….Gratitude. Thank you, Ken Elliott. I am SO GRATEFUL you have written this book!


A very quick easy read on a subject everybody needs to know. The presentation is down to earth in everyday language. I would highly recommend this book for the individual needing to manifest thought and action without high verbiage and confusing Spiritual thought.


Of all the Law of Attraction books, films etc. that I’ve tried, this works the best and the quickest.

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