From Failing to Fame!

From Failing to Fame!

N. writes:
My daughter Sunshyne is 13 and she is in the 7th grade. She has been struggling in two subjects, French and even more so in math. With her schools grading system, it takes 50%  to pass and she is the 40s or less in math.

Her teacher was concerned and told me she was failing in math. I decided to get her attention and create an incentive. She was becoming more obsessed with her outfits than grades, so I had to clear the distraction. I went to her closet, took her favorite top out along with a few other clothes items and threw them all in the trash. When she came home I told her that if she doesn’t get her grades up, I’ll dress her like a nun.

She quickly responded and on her next math test she got a passing grade at 50%. I was OK with that grade but there was more room for improvement, so I enrolled her in summer school. It did cost money and it came out of an already tight budget, but this was important. Summer school is like tutoring and our goal was to get her to 60%.

My daughter told me she was going to really focus and work on it. As we have done in the past in our family, every night before bed she prayed for help and continued motivation. She also used a manifesting technique, visualizing her future where she could see her grades going up, up, up into the 90s.

Less than a year later, she came home from class with some very good news. 
The faculty told her that she is one of only three chosen for a statewide math competition because her math grades hit 95%. It all worked out because we celebrated her representing her school, and now she is so focused on her studies, she got new outfits courtesy of her big sister.

My daughter wasn’t trying to manifest a Math Olympics competition, that is a new program, but she did hit her 90% mark and more in a very short time! Sunshyne is very happy and I feel fantastic.


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