Here We Are…  Offering a Bigger Picture

Here We Are… Offering a Bigger Picture

We have all seen that WWII movie where people are living limited lives because a war is going on. There are rations on basic goods and gasoline and the scene is usually colored in shades of gray and dim lighting befitting hard times.

Today we are in an unusual and global event and even though the sun is shining bright and all seems to be just fine, we are now in a very different time. This is a global pandemic, not something in a far-away country we can ignore. It is here, where we are now.

Fortunately, it is easy to find accurate and useful information to better protect ourselves and our families, see below. Now we are responsible for more than just ourselves. Our actions affect our friends, neighbors and total strangers. We are all linked together in an effort to avoid the risks of contacting this virus and spreading it to others.

The practical projections are preparing us for a spell of financial uncertainty, limits on our movements, how we spend our time and for now, the availability of certain foods and products. 

Let’s pull back and imagine this larger picture. Imagine you have the gift to see the Earth from space in a new way. You can clearly see the two great energies of Love and Fear as they cover the planet.  You could say that there wasn’t a lot of discernable fear, at least it wasn’t enough to be alarming. But recently, fear is beginning to move, spreading out in every direction like a dark film that seems intent on being everywhere with the intent to block out all of the light and love in our world.

Lately we have experienced a breakout of fear that is threatening us physically, emotionally and financially. We will be faced with a number of problems and choices in the months to come and perhaps it will be helpful to take the big view again. What to do?

In our existence there is either Love or Fear. It is that simple. If we are not purposely in a loving place then we are in some form of fear. Let’s choose the side we wish to be on in advance and hold to that as best we can.

Should we find ourselves in a difficult spot, consider that all that we have done and experienced has brought us to this place, this moment. All that we have learned will be put to use. At the least, we can strive to be a good and loving example.

In the days ahead, it will be as it always has been. Our path through the future will have its share of brambles and beautiful rainbows. We can take action and pray for good outcomes and also use the power of our thoughts to manifest a future where those brambles don’t exist or of little consequence. Thinking bigger, we can envision a world of more love and compassion. Perhaps a time where fear is seen for what it is, a destructive and unreliable tool.

Make it so…









Here are trustworthy sources for current information about caring for yourself and information on this virus:

CDC / Centers for Disease Control

WHO / World Health Organization

This good article from the Harvard Medical school, “Be careful where you get your news about coronavirus.”

And quoting from that article:
Other good online sources of information on the virus include:


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