Manipulating Time and Space: A Ballet of Two Perfect Homes

Manipulating Time and Space: A Ballet of Two Perfect Homes

Never underestimate what your thoughts can create in your future, short and long-term. In Rebecca’s story, three people are specifying their perfect outcomes. One time span takes a year and the other a matter of hours. Just amazing!

R. writes:
Recently my life was in transition and I needed to sell my home quickly. It is in a small town within an expensive area of homes. The architecture is a beautiful Santa Fe style but very unusual for the area. Homes in this area usually take a year to sell and the price and style of my home would likely make things more difficult for the quick sale I really needed.

Prior to listing my home, I had been manifesting for a month to get a quick, easy sale, and that it would go for the highest price possible.

Once I listed it, I had a solid contract in two days! It was a cash offer and the closing would take place very quickly. “Absolutely unheard of,” my realtor said, “You got just the right buyer at the right time.”

As an aside, the buyers had been researching my neighborhood a year before. They would be moving here in the months to come and had looked at a house next door to me that was for sale. They really didn’t like it but liked the house next door very much – mine. The wife said, “Why couldn’t this house be for sale?” The husband replied that, “It if is meant to be, it will be available when we are.”

A year later the couple was ready to relocate and resumed their search for homes in my town. They were on the website looking at available homes when the wife spotted my Santa Fe style home. “That’s it!” she said, “That is the house I wanted but it wasn’t available.” One year later, the timing was just perfect for the couple and me.

I am amazed at how it all worked out for the sale, just as I manifested it.

One more thing. I was also manifesting what I required for my next home and it appeared so quickly it stunned me. I was manifesting a very nice, two bedroom townhome with an artist’s studio. That’s a lot to ask for in this limited market. I had already been searching on the web for 6 months, but whenever I found something interesting it went off the market in 48 hours. I was beginning to feel a bit desperate about my odds of getting the perfect place.

On the very afternoon of getting the sales contract for my home, I saw exactly the next home I was looking for. It was listed on Zillow but guess what? Because of some glitch, the townhome had previously been invisible on the website. I had been checking Zillow THREE TIMES A DAY for weeks and was getting instant notifications of homes that met my criteria. I was totally up to date on any new properties within my search parameters. Suddenly this perfect townhome appeared on the day I was ready to make a deposit on my next home. The listing was invisible until I was ready to make my move.

I had been visualizing a tall-ceiling townhome, light, airy, preferably three bedrooms, attached two-car garage and hope of hopes, with a good art studio space and a living room fireplace.

I met the townhome owner that day and as we walked the lower floor, he said that I might want to make my bedroom upstairs. The previous occupant had put a wood floor in what would be the downstairs bedroom to convert it to an artist’s studio. “What? It has an art studio?” I thought.

The townhome was perfect in every respect. I looked at the studio and glanced at the fireplace in the tall, airy living room and said, “I’ll take it. ”The owner didn’t know that his listing was not showing up on the website previously. How did that website glitch correct itself on the day I needed it???

He clearly understood how this all came together for me and when he gave me the keys to my new home he said with Authority, “This time the Universe has your back.”

Grateful here!



View more of Rebecca Dierickx’s artworks here

Pictured: “21 1/2 Road”  oil on panel, 6 x 6 inches



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Photo credits: Rebecca Dierickx Fine Art

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  1. Manifestation acts upon the frequency and power level of vibrations. It’s amazing as well as profound, how raising the level of vibration can manifest exceedingly faster, isn’t it?


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